4 Benefits Of Collagen That You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out On 

 March 31, 2022

Collagen is essentially a type of protein that helps and supports your bodily functions in the creation and rejuvenation of bones, cartilage, skin, eyes, hair, and whatnot. Your body needs collagen to function in many possible ways, and the growing popularity of this protein has driven multiple health and wellness brands to sell and market collagen tablets and include it as an ingredient in beauty products. Below find four benefits of collagen that are likely to prompt you to pick up a bottle on your next trip to the grocery store:

  • Collagen helps slow down the aging process

Collagen can be thought of as the glue that holds your body together, and aging gradually reduces the amount of collagen produced in your body. This leads to your skin becoming saggier over the course of your 40s and the visible appearance of fine, and lines and wrinkles as the elasticity of your skin is reduced. By adding collagen peptides to your daily diet, you can ensure that some of the lost collagen in your body is replaced and hence your aging process slows down. In addition to that, collagen is an easy-to-digest protein as compared to protein derived from most meats. This is because collagen supplements are hydrolyzed which makes them easier to be digested by your body.

  • Collagen may improve your joint health

Individuals that suffer from joint health find it difficult to exercise and just have trouble going about their everyday life. Certain studies support that collagen supplements can help lessen joint pain for most individuals and collagen taken orally is also proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect in joints and promote cartilage repair. In addition to that, collagen is also said to be beneficial in improving bone density amongst individuals as bone density decreases as one’s age increases. Collagen peptides have been proven to help in increasing bone mineral density amongst individuals rapidly.

  • Collagen helps promote digestive and gut health

Individuals who suffer from inflammatory digestive issues should know about collagen’s proposed effect on one’s gut. Multiple researchers support that since the collagen levels in individuals suffering from gut problems are at an all-time low, consequently, collagen supplements are likely to reverse the effects of gut diseases. This is especially true for individuals suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome where the loss of collagen is explicitly linked with the symptoms of IBS. Multiple collagen supplements such as Beautifully Healthy Natures way collagen can prove to be beneficial.

  • Collagen is good for your heart health

Multiple researchers and studies support the idea that collagen peptides are likely to result in a decrease in cholesterol levels, stiffness in the arterial walls, and reduced build-up in the same. These are essentially symptoms of coronary artery diseases, and hence collagen taken orally helps negate some of the symptoms of such heart diseases. Collagen may also help in strengthening blood vessel walls in the heart of the consumer. While these studies are still building on this narrative, there is no apparent harm to consuming collagen and many possible benefits for the same.

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