An Ultimate Guide on Pharmapack Tablet Counting and Filling Machine 

 May 2, 2022

Tablet counting and tablet filling is an extremely delicate process that requires utmost care to perform accurately. Pharmapack tablet counting and filling machine offers advanced technology that makes this task much easier, safer, and faster than traditional techniques. If you want to know more about the machine, keep reading!

The Importance of Applying Tablet Counting and Filling Machines in Industries

The importance of tablet counting and filling machines in today’s global economy cannot be overstated. It is valuable to any industry but especially useful in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food production. Let’s see why:

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablets are one of the most common means of medication used in the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring each container contains the right number of tablets is important; otherwise, consumers will complain about the lack of tables, which may lead to a more serious situation. The pharma filling machine has made work easier for pharmaceutical companies to count and fill tablets at a faster rate and with less error than a manual process. The machine has also helped them to increase their profit while staying competitive in the market at the same time.

  1. Healthcare Industry
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The healthcare industry uses a lot of tablets to diagnose or treat patients. The tablet counting and filling machine is an essential tool in hospitals and clinics as it helps to ensure that the right number of tablets or pills are given to patients. Using the machine reduces the chances of over-medication or under-medication, which may have serious consequences on the patient’s health status.

  1. Food Industry

The food industry produces a lot of tablets for dietary purposes. By using tablet counting and filling machines, manufacturers can be sure that every single tablet is being made correctly, without errors or unneeded waste, in a way to ensure each customer can receive the same amount of product every time.

A tablet filling machine is an efficient, cost-effective tool for reducing the risk of medication errors and ensuring accurate dosing of medications. These machines can also help increase efficiency in the manufacturing process by quickly counting and storing tablets.

The Features of the Pharmapack Tablet Counting and Filling Machine (LFM-16C)

Pharmapack has an excellent tablet counter, LFM-16C, which can count the exact number of tablets and then package them accordingly. It is considered to be a flexible, high-speed counting and filling machine. Using this tablet counter can help you reduce waste products, which also helps save money. Here’s a look at some of the features:

  • Multiple Modular Design Concepts
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Built on multiple independent modular design concepts (from 1 to N), the LFM-16C is designed with ranges of capabilities to accommodate different levels of expertise and workflow.

  • User-Friendly Operation

The counter is easy to learn and use. Even if you are a stranger to the counting and filling machine, you will be jump-starting the skills in operating the machines.

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain

The machine is designed in such a way that it can reduce time and effort on cleaning, saving the manpower. Its design also prevents dust from accumulating on the flapper, which means no dust effects hence lower maintenance cost.

  • Compact Design
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It is a compact machine with a size of only 1200mm×2150mm×2150 mm (L*W*H) in dimension and has an approximate weight of 1500kg. The machine can be easily integrated with any existing lines or work as a standalone unit.

  • Fast Calculation Speed & Long Service Life

The tablet counting and filling machine achieves high productivity and accuracy with its fast calculation speed of 12000pcs/min. It has a long service life, so after your first investment in the machine, you do not have to worry about making another purchase for quite some time!

  • Custom Service

Pharmapack offers 24-hour customer service for all customers who need it. Their experienced technical support team is always ready to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and walk customers through any difficult situations they might run into.

Pharmapack – The Best Tablet Counting and Filling Machine Supplier

Pharmapack is the best supplier of tablet counting and filling machines in terms of quality and price. In addition, they have an experienced R&D team that works closely with manufacturers to develop new, high-quality products for customers like you.

They provide the whole solution for your business needs. From beginning to end, they will manage your order process and ensure that your machine is working perfectly in your production line. And their industry-leading technology allows them to offer high-quality products that reach the standard of markets while keeping the cost low.

They have strong quality control, meaning that all their products have passed strict tests before delivery to make sure that they are in good condition when you receive them.

If you choose Pharmapack as your tablet counting and filling machine supplier, you can rest assured that your equipment will perform well for a long time to come.


Pharmapack, located in China, focuses on manufacturing, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and and coding equipment services. Founded in 2002, decades of experience enable them to accumulate experience and resources, which are the mainstay for every update in their products, gaining immense experience in this field. 

They are committed to boosting the development of Industry 4.0 and creating the best Pharmapack machines, which are used by many renowned pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Several good reviews prove that their tablet counting and filling machines are reliable and high-quality, thus being welcomed in many industries. In addition, the company pays great attention to research and development. They set up an R&D base in Italy, the source numbers of high-end automated production bottle packaging line talents and exquisite equipment, which is the great power of their creativity.

Pharmapack is reliable because they stick to their mission of catering to various demands of their customers. They provide a one-stop service system, supplying “turn-key” packaging solutions for every customer. 

If you are interested in the experienced company and their quality pharma filling machine, feel free to reach out to them.

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