Bitcoin casino software: Guide for beginners 

 May 5, 2022

The terms software and platforms will be used regularly, but we will take some time to explain the distinctions between the two. When we talk about Bitcoin platforms, like those provided by SoftSwiss, we’re talking about the principal casino software.

The platform is analogous to the operating system of a computer. It is responsible for running all of the applications on the computer, and it is through the operating system that you access your data. The platform for Bitcoin casinos is the website software that you interface with to start casino games. The higher the quality of the platform, the better your gaming journey.

When we talk about gaming software, we’re talking about the actual games. Microgaming, for example, creates a large range of online slot games that can be played with both fiat cash and cryptocurrency. As a result, several Microgaming BTC slots are available in fiat casinos that take Bitcoin. Established firms such as PlayTech, Betsoft, and Microgaming see the potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and are actively developing games to capitalize on the crypto market.

When choosing a Bitcoin gambling site, be sure that it employs Bitcoin casino software and platforms. While most Bitcoin betting companies base their software on comparable Bitcoin gambling scripts, if you are unable to recognize the software or the games appear to be cheap knockoffs of famous games, it is time to explore elsewhere.


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Best Bitcoin Casino Software

Most Bitcoin gambling was done in the early days by sites that used proprietary software or were created by less-skilled third-party developers. As cryptocurrency’s popularity expanded, online casino software vendors recognized an additional revenue stream for their goods.

Many online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment option will usually include some type of Bitcoin gaming. Here are some of the suppliers you’ll encounter offering games at a Bitcoin casino.


You’ve actually known of Microgaming. They are one of the biggest online gaming software providers. The company was founded in 1994 and swiftly rose to become one of the world’s premier gaming software development firms. Microgaming introduced the world’s first totally online casino in 1994, as well as the world’s first cellular gambling in 2004. The firm provides casino, mobile, sportsbook, network, and live casino gaming products. They also have a large selection of Bitcoin and Litecoin slot games, as well as other types of crypto casino games.


SoftSwiss was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Belarus. The firm has risen to prominence as a prominent provider of Bitcoin gaming software. The firm is well recognized for providing turnkey Bitcoin casino solution software to customers interested in launching and hosting online crypto casinos. The site offers Bitcoin casino software that uses the Provably Fair algorithm, making it one of the most trustworthy platforms in cryptocurrency gaming. If an online casino takes Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency choices like Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, SoftSwiss is almost certainly behind the software. 


BetSoft is another well-known provider of online casino games. Since its inception in 2006, the company has built a reputation for producing visually stunning slots and games. The corporation has key rights associated with Hollywood or television programs, allowing it to provide engaging gameplay to crypto aficionados. The firm was among the first to move their gaming to HTML5, and all of their games are now available on the mobile-friendly platform. If you play mobile casino games or instant play games, chances are you’ve played BetSoft titles at some point.


PlayTech is a Goliath in both the land-based and online gaming sectors, as well as a major supplier of internet gambling software. The business was founded in 1999 and has handled the ups and downs of the internet gaming sector. They have UK Gambling Commission licenses and provide legal online casino games in the United States. PlayTech is divided into numerous divisions, each of which specializes in a distinct field. It develops and sells backend clients, as well as online poker, casino games, wagering, and fixed-odds gambling terminals. PlayTech even has a staff dedicated to financial trading markets. PlayTech is also a major player in the Bitcoin casino  business. They are one of the most reputable casino software providers in the globe.

Final thoughts

The Bitcoin digital platform has been in business for over three years, and they provide the greatest Bitcoin casino software solution for gamers all around the world. The casino games are meticulously constructed with the exact laws, regulations, and logic in mind, and are conveniently accessible in offline versions.

The bitcoin software suppliers in this creative business create Bitcoin gambling software by producing several MMORPG or Multiplayer role-playing games that give confidentiality to the player’s financial and personal info, as well as provably fair games that assure random and fair results.

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