Blue logos: what to make Examples 

 June 21, 2022

A logo is an exclusive symbol, a graphic or symbol utilized to distinguish the brand. Additionally, it is an essential element of the brand identity of an organisation, product or sports team.

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The meaning behind”blue” is an important color is the meaning of blue color in this logo

Blue logos symbolize the reliability and calmness of mind. Blue is associated with different notions and emotions, such as the sky, the water, the deepness of the ocean, or the feeling of freedom. Regardless of the divergence in their perceptions, the majority of people are in agreement on one thing – the admiration for blue. It is possible that’s the reason the reason blue is among the most frequently used colors for logos.

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However the blue color is usually chosen for logo designs due to its characteristics of communicating to people at an unconscious level. Research suggests that when someone is in the presence of blue color it alters the perception of time. It appears to slow down, become smoother as well as more viscous. This happens because blue color can have a relaxing effect on the mind – it decreases anxiety, soothes tension, and eases tension. In general, blue is the color of choice for people seeking calm and peace.

However it is also a color provides a feeling of air, spaciousness, the freedom. In the traditional business world blue can be associated with masculinity, coolness quiet and peace. It conveys a sense of respect, loyalty and high intelligence. It also symbolizes peace, harmony as well as conservatism, trust as well as security, loyalty as well as security and peace. Because of these qualities blue has become well-known in the business world that it is now among the top commonly employed colors for logos.

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However, it can’t be unambiguously declared that blue is only a guarantee of security and tranquility. This is a simplistic perspective of his psychological impact as well. Like every other color blue is a mix of shades that trigger entirely different feelings.

Blue color palette may not have only a positive effect on businesses however, it can also be an adverse impact. So, choosing the correct shade should be taken with care.

Logo examples

  • Social Networks Communication

Light blue as well as blue color provide a feeling of honesty, trust, and security. They are also often connected with blue, the process of communicating between people, as well as with the process of communication. This is the reason the reason why blue and light blue are the preferred selections for the design of logos for social networks and messengers.

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • LinkedIn
  • Technology, science, Information Technology – Peace of Mind and confidence
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A blue color of the logo is frequently picked by businesses that are involved in the creation of new equipment, instruments, as well as scientific research in the field of electronic instruments and electronics. These colors are an important consideration for IT firms. The blue palette is attributed to the need of these businesses to alleviate stress and anxiety among people who feel overwhelmed by the advent of technology advancements.

  • Samsung
  • Intel
  • IBM
  • Finance – Trust

The blue palette conveys the feeling of trust, confidence and stability. This is why Blue and blue-colored logos work suitable for financial institutions and structures that are based on personal information and money of clients. They could be logistics companies, banks and insurance companies, investment funds etc. Before investing money, a lot of individuals choose the most reliable bank since the security of capital is at the very first position for them. A feeling of confidence and security only gives the blue/blue color.

  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Cars and Airlines in the United States. Safety and reliability
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The majority of airlines use blue and light blue logos because these shades are tied to sky color. color that the skies are. This is understandable and rational. But what does a car have to have to do with blue? It appears there’s no. However, it’s the blue logos prominently displayed on the most prestigious auto factories around the globe such as Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and many more. They have chosen the blue color due to its feeling of security and reliability (this is also true for airlines).

  • Ford
  • Continental Airlines
  • Medicine – Reliability, Trust

One of the strongest connections with blue/blue is the responsibility. It is also associated with the reliability. This is the reason the reason why many private clinics and medical establishments choose blue for their logo. A further benefit of the blue color is that it relaxes it, eases stress, lowers emotions, and relaxes. In medical practice this effect is vital.

  • MetLife
  • Carillon clinic
  • Hygiene products – Health, cleanliness
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Many companies that sell personal care and personal hygiene products have chosen to use a color scheme of blue and blue as reasons. These shades symbolize the purity and freshness of life, therefore they’re ideal for designing the branding of these brands.

  • Oral-B
  • Gillette
  • Zewa
  • Chain stores – Quality and trust

Chain hypermarkets for grocery, household and construction often utilize this blue color in their logo designs. This is because the stores want to convey a sense security, trust and quality using the use of blue, or lighter blue.

  • Ikea
  • Walmart


When you are deciding on the color of your logo, ensure that you consider the area of business. The blue color palette isn’t appropriate for every job, and in some instances, it could trigger an unintended reaction or appear in a way that is not appropriate.

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