Can You Make A Transparent PNG on Canva? 

 April 29, 2022

When you’re designing, it’s often helpful to use transparent PNGs. However, if you want your design on Canva, then there are some limitations that might come up – namely, that you can’t create a transparent PNG on the site. But don’t worry! Here’s how to get around this limitation so you can still make your design happen. 

First off, upload the file as an image with no background color set and uncheck “Lock Aspect Ratio”. You’ll need to resize the image proportionately before uploading it in order for it not to be distorted.

Second of all (and most importantly), when saving the file name at the end of your project creation process on Canva, remove “.png” from the name of your design.

Here are 6 ways of making Transparent PNG on Canva:

1. Use a free online tool – Pixlr

Pixlr Editor is the closest thing to the Canva editor. It’s basically an online version of Photoshop, but it doesn’t have everything that Photoshop does. However, you can use their “Image” > “Canvas Size” function to make a transparent PNG.

2. First download PNG images from Fly Clip Art

You can use PNG images to make transparent PNG on Canva.Fly Clip Art is a good source of free PNG images. After you have downloaded the PNG image into your photo library, open it in either Photoshop or Pixlr.

3. Using Adobe Photoshop

You can make transparent PNGs using Adobe Photoshop as well, but there’s another way of doing this without using Photoshop by applying some easy adjustments on your image first before uploading it into Canva. You’ll need to follow these steps:

After you have edited your image in Pixlr, choose File > Save for Web and Devices… . On the window that pops up, select PNG-8 from the left sidebar under “Preset”. Under Transparency, check on Interlaced so that you can see what type of background is being set for your design when uploaded onto Canva. Then hit save!

4. Use an SVG transparent background generator to make a transparent PNG on Canva

No need to download any free SVG with the transparent background here! Just follow the steps below:

  • Drag and drop your .eps file on Canva
  • Click “Convert” button
  • Choose output format as png
  • Save it!

5. Convert JPEG images to PNG images on Canva for Mac

If you want to export JPEGs from the Mac Photos app into Make Pixel Perfect Transparent PNG on Mac, then all you need is this Mac photo app that can help you. With this tool, you can make transparent PNG on Canva directly.

6. Convert JPG images to PNG images on Canva for Windows

Are you looking for ways to Make Perfect Transparent PNG on Windows? You can easily convert your photos into crystal clear png with these free online converters. Open the web page, upload your desired photo, then click the “Start” button and wait till it is finished.


Canva is a great online tool that helps you get graphics on hand. One of the great things about Canva is that you don’t need any design skills or graphic software knowledge to create transparent PNG images for social media posts, blog graphics, and more. You just upload your logo or other image files onto their website, select the size you want it in pixels, change how opaque you want it (transparent background) if desired, then customize its text color and font before hitting “done.” 

And if you want to get a transparent PNG, it can be frustrating sifting through all the options out there. There are some great resources for finding quality images with transparency, but they’re not always easy to find or know about.Fly Clip Art is one solution that makes getting high-quality graphics easier than ever before!

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