Dodge charger- A perfect sedan match your style 

 April 25, 2022

Everyone in their life is willing to buy a car that matches their style. A car is the one factor that gives a perfect definition of the person driving it. That is why people dream that when they buy a car, it should attract the crowd itself. One such sedan car that is made up for you is the new dodge charger Jacksonville. 


The new dodge charger is a four gate design model presented by the dodge having two engines option. The V6 is available in the old dodge cars, and the other is the newly updated V7 engine. It is designed to give some extra boost and power to the dodge cars. So, let us deep dive in and learn in detail about the perfect sedan car.

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Exteriors of the car


The exterior of the dodge car is perfectly designed that is available in various color variants. All the details in the car are showcased perfectly, and the build is steady and massive. The exterior detailing of the car is mentioned below:-

  • First of all, let us talk about the hood of the car. The hood is long, which gives a premium feel to the car along with a functional scoop. It helps the airflow in the engine while you are driving the car. The benefit is that when you drive the car at a very high speed, the engine will not heat up as the fresh air keeps entering it.
  • Along with the scoop, there is a dual air extractor in the hood. It also helps in removing the extra heat of the engine so that you can drive safely and the life of the engine extends.
  • The fender of the car is a muscular one, which perfectly matches the broad hood of the car. There is a sign of SRT on one side of the fender near the headlights. Each detailing in the car boosts up the design as well as enhances the functioning of the engine.
  • If we talk about the backside of the car, then the designs seem very sleek. There are uni-designed backlights in the car that move from one end to the other. Along with that there us there is a light near the number plate of the car.
  • On the bottom side, there are two exhaust silencers in the car. The only purpose of fitting them is that the car can better remove the waste when driving it at speed.
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Interior of the new dodge charger 


If we talk about the car’s interior, then the dodge brand has put way more effort into putting up premium factors in the interiors. There are many options for the interiors that are provided to the person. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Three different types of interiors are offered by the dodge brand in the new dodge charger JacksonvilleThey are named as the street, sport, and track steering. The main purpose of these options is to make all in one car for the sportsperson and the normal users. All the steering wheels are leather-wrapped, and the inside is the steering wheel made of steel.
  • When a person is driving the car, then all a person wants is that the car’s control always remains in their hands. The brand has installed the gears in the handle itself that too on both sides. Now you can use whichever hand you want to control the gears.
  • The display behind the steering wheel is a 7 inch led screen that provides a complete stat of the vehicle and other required information.
  • You can quickly start the vehicle with a push button and the same for stopping the car.
  • There is an eight-speed automatic shifter present in the car that used to a part of the classic cars.
  • The seats of the car are luxurious and are also heat ventilated. It will provide you a complete feeling of comfort in the winters.
  • You can also control the temperature of the car with the dual-zone automatic temperature control. So, no matter what is the temperature outside, you can feel cozy inside.
  • There is pumped-up alone system music having nine speakers are installed in the car. There is an option of the Harman Kardon speakers for the new dodge charger Jacksonville. You can also connect your car with the apple and android phones with the Car play or the Uconnect app.
  • The space inside the car is ample for the riders, which can fit in 5 tall heightened people easily. The rear seats are also 60/40 folding types, which can help you rest along with driving.
  • The cargo space provided in the car is 16.5 cubic feet that can easily take away your goods for an extended vacation also.
  • There is a center console space provided both in the front and the back to store all your cups and important material easily.
  • For safety purposes, there is a rearview camera, and park sensing is installed in the car. So that whenever a person or a car comes near your car, you will be notified by your car. Also, help you a lot during your parking. If you feel like you are not a perfect person when it comes to parking, then it will help you out.
  • The car is properly backed up with the airbags. In case your car faces any accident, then you and your family in the sedan remain safe in the new dodge charger Jacksonville. 
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The above mentioned is the detailed overview of the new dodge charger. It is a premium and stylish car which can suit all types of personality. No matter you are sports personalities or an ordinary person who loves to drive a car, the new dodge charger Jacksonville is a perfect choice for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just book the car from your nearby dealer and enjoy the ride of this premium Dodge sedan.


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