Ethernet unidentified network Issue: Fix the Problem Today 

 April 28, 2022



The Internet is one of the necessities in today’s life. Every person uses the internet to work, communicate, or any other purpose. Sometimes, we may encounter an issue where the internet connection is not proper. 

One of the common problems that users encounter is about Ethernet Unidentified network. Unidentified network causing no internet is a common issue many Windows 10 users face. 

Today we are going to discuss the problem as it is faced by many users randomly. We will study the cause of such a problem along with the solutions. This will enable us to be protective against such things and make sure that those settings are not altered. Users are shown a yellow dialogue box on the pc symbol at the bottom right corner in this issue. Hence, the internet is not available to perform the task. 

The following are a variety of reasons that may be the cause of such an issue.

  • Third-party software: It may be sometimes possible that third party software interferes with your network settings. Sometimes it has been found that various antivirus settings interrupt the network connectivity at times.
  • Network Card Drivers: Sometimes, the network card drivers installed on our device may be the cause of trouble if they are faulty or gets corrupted. Usually, such issues have their solution so it is not that a big deal.
  • Network settings: The network settings on your device can get altered without having intentions. It may be the cause that your network works improperly. 
  • IP Configuration: Well, the IP address is assigned to our device when it gets connected to the network world. Such an Ip address has a configuration. If the configuration is changed or there is some improper listing due to some technical problem, then such an issue can arise.

Above were some points mentioned that may have been the cause of the problem. Now, we will be diving into the ocean of solutions and try them one by one and verify if the problem is resolved or it persists. 

  • Network Troubleshoot
  • network troubleshoot 1024x671 - Ethernet unidentified network Issue: Fix the Problem Todaynetwork troubleshoot 1024x671 - Ethernet unidentified network Issue: Fix the Problem Today
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Running the network troubleshooting is one of the most appropriate things to do. Sometimes, it has been found that running the troubleshoot on its own may resolve the query. Follow the steps mentioned here. 

  • Right-click on the yellow exclamation mark that appears on the bottom right and click on “troubleshoot problems” to proceed with the automated troubleshooting process and begin finding the solution. 
  • Another way to begin the troubleshoot is to press Windows key along with I. 
  • This will take you to the settings inside your device. Here, go for Network settings and search up for Network Troubleshoot. 
  • Run this troubleshoot to see if it can resolve on its own. If yes, then congratulations otherwise you have a bunch of solutions coming up next.
  • Renew IP address
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renew ip address

renew ip address

Well, as we discussed how the IP settings can cause the issue, we also have the solution for it. Sometimes due to improper configuration of the IP address, such an issue can arise. Follow the steps mentioned below to proceed with the renewal of the IP address.

  • Press Windows along with X on your device. Now from the options, select Command Prompt with admin one. This will ensure that the command prompt dialogue box will appear. 
  • Now, we will inform you about some commands. Copy and paste them in that dialogue box. Those commands are mentioned below 

 “ipconfig /release”

            “ipconfig /renew”

  • This will give a fresh start to the configuration. This may secure your proper connection. Nevertheless, you can also flush DNS to make sure the problem doesn’t persist. 


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  • Exit and verify if the connection is made or not. These solutions may vary from device to device and hence, one solution that works for some device may not work for you.
  • Disabling the antivirus software

Well, as we mentioned that sometimes, it may be possible that the antivirus software we are using of third-party may tamper the network settings to enhance the security and in that process, our network connection gets disturbed. Anti-virus software protects us from malicious attacks and viruses. 

But sometimes it blocks the connection. Hence, try disabling the antivirus and see if it solves the issue. If it does, then we request you to contact the support team of the respective anti-virus software and proceed with your query there.   

  • Switching Off Airplane mode
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Users of Windows 10 are provided with the facility of Airplane mode. To have a proper connection, we need to ensure that the setting is turned off. To make sure/ disable the airplane mode, follow the steps mentioned below. 


  • Visit the action centre on your device. To visit it, press Windows + A, and the computer will take you to the action centre. 
  • Switch the Airplane mode off, if by chance it is kept on. Now recheck if the problem is resolved or it persists.


Most of the problems are found to be resolved by all these methods. Ethernet unidentified network or unidentified network is one of the common problems for Windows 10 users. People face no internet connection during this phase. Minor problems in your device can cause such a big issue. Technographx brings out latest updates in gaming, tech and more. With our experts you can ask for any solutions. We hope that the steps mentioned above will prove beneficial to you and will resolve your query.


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