Get Headspace Plus for Free | Meditation Music | 2020 

 April 3, 2022

meditation music - Headspacemeditation music - Headspace
meditation music – Headspace

Pleasant music or sounds helps us to meditate well. For meditation music or calming music, there are many apps in the market; some are free to access while some have premium plans. There’s no doubt that premium services are better than the free one.
If you are taking a meditation or need meditation, then probably you have heard of headspace. They provide the premium service and are regarded good for what they offer.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is an English-American online health care company which specialize in meditation. They help their clients in meditation by providing the meditation guides and providing the best meditation music or calming music.

Pricing of Headspace?


HeadspaceThe monthly price of headspace is 12.99$. They provide one week for free as a trial if you choose the monthly plan and offers two-week trial and if you opt to select the yearly plan, which costs you 69.99$/year. But as the title suggest we are not going to pay such a huge amount of money simply for meditation music. We will be using a simple trick to get the premium plan of headspace for free.

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Is it hack or trial trick?

It’s neither the hack nor any trial tricks. We will be using a feature provided by headspace and manipulate it a little so that we can get the benefit. Now we said that we would be using a trick there may be a question in your mind that up to how long will you get your subscription. The subscription will last till December 31st 2020.

This trick will work till December 31st 2020 [If headspace doesn’t update their subscription plan till then].

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Headspace and the LA County Department of Mental Health have partnered to provide support and resources during this challenging time. That means people living in LA will get headspace for free.
Now, as I said people living in LA would get it for free, you may have thought that we could use IP of LA and get the benefit for free. But the trick is not that simple, instead of IP verification they use the geolocation verification. If you can manipulate the GPS location of your device, then skip to the second part of the tutorial, but if you don’t know how to do it, then we will be explaining it in the first part so read the steps carefully.

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Part 1

How to change the Geolocation of device

If you are using an android device, then there are plenty of application in play store which helps to change the geolocation. If you are using a computer, then follow the article.

  1. Open the offer website of Headspace by clicking here. [Don’t click on Allow when asked]
  2. Right click in the website and click on inspect element.Change GeolocationChange Geolocation
  3. In the Element tab click on the three dots which you can find in the top right side of the tab. Then go to More Tools and Sensors to change the Geolocation.Geolocation ChangeGeolocation Change
  4. After clicking sensors a new tab is opened in console from which we can change geolocation.COnsole GeolocationCOnsole Geolocation
  5. In Geolocation of Sensors there is “no override” click on it and select other.Console LocationConsole Location
  6. In latitude and longitude enter the latitude and longitude of the geolocation which you are planning to use. For this method we will be using the latitude and longitude of LA which is 34.052235 and -118.243683 respectively.GEOLOCATION LATITUTEGEOLOCATION LATITUTE
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That’s all now we have successfully changed our Geolocation to LA now lets move to send part i.e register for Headspace and get meditation music or calming music.

Part 2

Get Headspace Plus for Free | Meditation Music

  1. Now we have changed our Geolocation to LA now we are ready to go. Open the link from the step 1 of part 1.
  2. It will ask you to access the location. Now without worrying anything click on allow because we have already changed our geolocation.
  3. Then register for the account enter the details that you want to register.meditation music - Headspacemeditation music - Headspace
  4. It will ask a email for sending verification email enter your gmail or any email.
  5. You will receive a email for verification copy the verification url and open in same tab in which you changed your Geolocation.
    Note: If you opened the link in new tab then you have to follow the Part 1 and change the geolocation again.
  6. After verifying the email that’s all now you have get the headspace plus free up to December 2020.
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Hope you have enjoyed the article. You can now enjoy the meditation music or calming music and get rid of depression or anxiety. If you like the article then let us know. Your review will encourage us to provide more articles like this.

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