How Can You Help Children to Stop using a Smartphone? 

 April 16, 2022

There was a time when children used to go outside and play with their friends. However, the introduction of social media and advanced gaming has changed everything. Now, every teenager wants to stay at home and play their favorite games or meet people online. We understand how it can be a matter of concern for a lot of parents.

Today, you will learn about some advanced methods to keep your children away from smartphones (or at least minimize their phone usage). These methods include some technical platforms and some easy techniques as well. You can try to follow them to help your children lead an active and healthy life by limiting their access to smartphones.

Let’s start with the first and the most advanced way to limit your kid’s phone usage.

Method1: Use a Phone Tracker

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Parents can set up a phone tracking application on their kid’s device to limit their phone access. It works as a parental control application but offers way more features and accessibility to the device. You can get more information about this method on a phone monitoring platform.

It works by verifying your kid’s device to an online account. After that, you can monitor or limit their activities remotely. Here is the leading application that you can use for phone monitoring.

FoneMonitorhelp childrenhelp children

FoneMonitor is a platform that provides the technology to access any device remotely. You can install this application on your children’s device, and it will report all their activities through an online account. The application is easy to use and does not require any jailbreak or root to work.

Hence, you can trust this application to limit your children’s smartphone usage. Considering the use of this application, developers have ensured that the privacy of your kid’s data is safe. Only you can access that data with your login credentials. It includes the messages, call logs, live location, and browsing history of the targeted device.

How To Use FoneMonitor To Track Kid’s ActivitiesScreen Shot 2020 11 15 at 6.37.41 PM 1024x550 - How Can You Help Children to Stop using a Smartphone?Screen Shot 2020 11 15 at 6.37.41 PM 1024x550 - How Can You Help Children to Stop using a Smartphone?

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The platform works by installing an application on your kid’s Android device. Hence, you can visit its website and register for a free account. Then choose the operating system (Android, iPhone) of the device and proceed. For Android, you need to download and install their application on your kid’s device.

While for the iPhone, you can enter their iCloud credentials to verify. After processing, you can monitor their activities through the dashboard of your account. Refer to their installation guide to get a step by step instruction guide.

Method2: Use Parental Control Application

Parental control application is used to limit the access of your kids to their smartphones. You can set a time limit on the device so that your kid can not use their smartphone after the time limit is over. Additionally, you can choose the applications that your kid can install on their device. 

This method has worked for a lot of parents. However, kids get annoyed with the parental control features due to its limitations. Hence, you can analyze your situation and decide whether you need a secret phone monitoring application or a parental control feature.

Steps To Use Parental Control Feature

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It depends on the Operating system of your kid’s device. Usually, you can find the parental control feature in the settings of their device.

  • Click on the settings icon and search for parental control on the device
  • Create a PIN to access the Parental control feature to track activities
  • Personalize the App Feature such as Phone Usage, App Limitations, In-app Purchases for your kids 

Method3: Engage Them In Outdoor Activities

Help your kids understand what they are missing out, being on their smartphones all day. Take them to the park, play some outdoor games, to help them understand the benefits of outdoor activities. Additionally, you can ask their friends to come and play with them for a change.

Remember that kids are always looking for a way to their entertainment. Hence, you can make it all fun and entertaining to help them leave their smartphones.

In some instances, children are afraid to go out and play with other kids. You should consider looking for those reasons and try to solve them as soon as possible. After that, you can see a significant change in their personality and phone usage as well.

Method4: Set An Example For them

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Kids are a reflection of their parent’s activities. Hence, if you want your kids to spend less time on the phone, then you may need to set an example for them. Try to avoid using smartphones when you are with your kids. It will help them understand that there is a world beyond smartphones, and they will start enjoying it as well.

You can start a daily activity with your kids. A new hobby can help them reduce their smartphone usage in the most natural way. 

Final Words

If you want your kids to stop using their smartphone excessively, then you need to understand the reason behind their phone usage. Kids prefer to use smartphones as a medium of entertainment. Hence, you need to bring different forms of entertainment into their life to avoid this issue.

However, it takes some time, and you can not expect them to stop using their smartphone immediately. That is where phone monitoring applications come into play. With FoneMonitor, you can track their activities and limit the app usage for them. 

This way, you can ensure that your kid is not using their phone more than the limit you have for them. Additionally, you can set up a parental control application to limit their in-app access to the device. 

All the methods are proven to help parents with this issue. Hence, you can use a combination of these methods to get some effective results.


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