How Do I Track My Child’s Lost Phone Online 

 April 9, 2022

Trust is the basic foundation of any strong relationship. 

When kids are born, you don’t have an instruction manual on being a good parent, but you try your best.

You may never hear a parent say they did a 100% job raising their kids. So, you are not alone! 

Invading your kid’s privacy or installing software for spying without your kid’s knowledge can ruin your relationship. Luckily there are other safe ways to track a lost phone or know your kids’ whereabouts. 

Read on for more information. 

Tracking The Lost Phone 

There are different ways to track a lost phone, but it also depends on what type of smartphone you and your kids use. So let’s stick to Android and iPhone here. 

You can try the following: 

#1. Use Built-In Location Tracking Software 

There is built-in location tracking software on both iOS and Android. So, you can take advantage of this feature, but there are chances your kid may switch off the feature that lets you track the phone’s location, and thus, it would be of no use. So, teach your kids why it’s essential to have these apps working on the phone. 

Android Users 

You can download the “Find my Device” app from the Google Play Store, or it could already be there on your phone. This device lets you track the phone’s location and tell you where it is. 

The best thing about using this app is that it lets you delete the data if you think someone stole the phone. You can also change the screen pin, lock the device, and use the play sound feature that plays sound at a loud volume to track the phone, especially inside the house or near you. 

iPhone Users 

iPhone users can take advantage of the “Find my iPhone” feature as it helps track the phone’s location. It’s a built-in feature, so you need not download it. 


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It’s already activated, but in case it’s not, you can visit settings, Apple id, iCloud, and finally find my iPhone. Then, toggle on the switch to activate this feature. A web browser or any other iOS device can help you track your kid’s phone location via iCloud when you log in with the lost phone’s credentials. This feature is suitable not just for finding the lost phone, but in case of any potential danger; you can see your child’s location. 


Like Android, you can also erase data, lock the phone, and play sound by using this feature. 


#2. Use A Third-Party Software or Parental Control App

There are third-party software and parental control apps that let you monitor the kids’ activities and track the phone’s location. 


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Ideally, it’s best to let your kids know if you plan on installing such apps and software on their phones. It’s all about building trust and relationships with your kids and, at the same time, keeping them safe and secure. 


#3. Ask for Help 

You could be the parent who has no idea how technology, apps, or anything else works! You can ask for help from other trusted parents or friends to guide you. 


If you feel safe, you can create a post on social media and share the story of how your kid lost the phone. Only consider this option if you find it safe and trust the community. 


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Tips to Keep In Mind for Your Kid’s Safety 

Your kids look up to you for everything in life. You are a role model for your kid, and you are setting up an example of how to treat others, especially the ones closest to you (kids and family). 


Consider the following:

  • Talk to your kids about the importance of installing software that can track location or find a lost phone. 
  • Build trust from an early age so that kids know you mean well when asking their whereabouts. 
  • Respect your kids. It’s the number one priority! Many parents forget that even though kids are tiny, they are still small individuals and personalities that will grow into adults. 
  • Keep yourself in your child’s shoes and imagine how you would feel if your parents bombard you with questions when you have lost the phone and feeling already bad about it. 


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Remember, your kid had no intention of losing the phone. It was an honest mistake, so be careful in handling the situation. 


Wrapping It Up 

Building mutual trust is the stepping stone for any solution to work. There are ways to track the location of a lost phone, but you need to take your kids into confidence to take advantage of these apps and features. If you share a bitter relationship with kids, they may even delete the installed apps or switch off the features that help track the phone’s location. 

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