How to Gain followers on Instagram in 2022 

 May 16, 2022

Instagram is an attractive, comfortable, trendy network that can be monetized and is a perfect thermometer for all the brands and influencers in the world. That is why it is not surprising that you have come here looking for how to gain followers on Instagram for your account, regardless of whether you have a personal or professional profile. 

In general, there are two ways to gain followers on Instagram: with organic or natural strategies and inorganic or artificial ones, which are basically based on buying Instagram followers Singapore. And it is not that one is better than another; the interesting thing is to take advantage of the maximum benefits of both. 

▶ The format with the greatest reach is feed posts   But remember that the carousel still reigns when it comes to generating interaction.

▶ Feed posts get on average 5x more reach than stories. But stories and reels are great formats for video and closer content that will keep you connected with your audience in a more relaxed and informal way. 

▶ The accounts with the highest reach are the ones with the fewest followers. But be careful with this: what do you prefer, a 25% reach with 500 users or a 17% reach with 5000 followers?

▶ The best days and times to post are Thursdays and Mondays at 8pm. However, to know how to gain more Instagram followers, we recommend you to analyze your statistics in the application to detect other interesting slots in which your audience is connected to Instagram. Maybe you’re in for a surprise.

▶ The more posts, the more followers. However, be careful not to get drunk and publish 5 posts each day, don’t become a tiresome Instagram user. With 4 or 5 weekly publications is usually more than enough. 

▶ Referring to influencer marketing is concerned, it is better to create agreements with small accounts than with large accounts since the reach is greater and the investment is less. Even so, if you have the opportunity to work with one of the greats, value it, sometimes it works.  

How to gain Instagram followers: tips for your profile

Beyond what has been said, what does not need any study to prove is that we all want to gain followers on Instagram? Therefore, now that you know the results and trends, you should review the following tips to optimize your profile and improve your image, your notoriety, and your success on this social network.

Organic improvements to gain followers on Instagram

How to gain followers on Instagram? There are a few things you should review to optimize your ability to attract new organic followers. Take note of this list and analyze your profile to see which ones you can start to improve on. Some people even buy Instagram Likes to improve their engagement rate manifolds. 

Your bio must be unique

Who you are, why you are on Instagram, what sets you apart from the rest or how to contact you, are just some of the things that should reflect your biography. And although we know that the space in this section is limited, a bio with a touch of humor or with enough personality will be a good way to capture the attention of your potential new followers. 

You don’t need to elaborate, just give your description a spark, improve readability or incorporate Emojis to convey proximity and dynamism. Getting Instagram followers does not depend only on this, but it is a first step that you should start with.

Aesthetics matter and define you

We know that it is a very broad concept and but it is. But it is still a determining factor that you should take into account.

As in life, networks also enter through the eyes and as such, the image in its most literal meaning will be one of the keys to success. It affects from your very username, to the quality of your photos and even the colors that predominate in your feed. Everything influences when it comes to gaining followers on Instagram.

Also try to design ‘homogeneous’ and attractive covers in the featured stories; and if you don’t have them, you’re already taking time to select and publish them.

And if you dare with tools like Canva or Photoshop, always use a couple of fonts that give a certain sense of homogeneity to your publications. It’s much easier than you think and it will change the appearance of your profile completely.

Hashtags position you

It sounds old and repetitive, but hashtags still work great when we focus on how to gain Instagram followers. With just 5 minutes of research among your competitors or profiles of the same style, you will be able to discover keywords for your hashtags that will help more people find you through the magnifying glass and with that, you will be able to gain Instagram followers. Use about 5 in each publication and you will see its long-term effect.

If you prefer, you can use the explore window and try to put different hashtags to know exactly the volume of publications that each term has, which will be very useful whether you want to target more #trendy content, or refine your words keys for those looking for more specific concepts or even create your own labels.

The Reels will be your best ally

Reels (and to a lesser extent IGTV) are helping tons of people gain Instagram followers. After the appearance of Tiktok, on Instagram they realized how attractive and addictive these little pieces of video can be. People spend hours scrolling through the vertical format and consuming content from the Instagram browser, discovering new accounts and profiles.

You can use them to introduce yourself, list tips, highlight 10 benefits or curiosities about any of the topics that may interest your audience or simply upload content that you like and value, tagging its authors.

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