How to Improve the Roughness of the Machined Parts? 

 May 6, 2022

CNC is a deductive process where with the help of a computer program, a solid block is cut down to its desired shape. Most machinery will have a 0.8 roughness which means that there can be minor tool marks on the surface of the machined part.

Every manufacturer wants to deliver the best possible products to their end customers. Having rough edges or surfaces can greatly harm that. The product’s aesthetics depends hugely on having a smooth surface of the machined parts. But the product won’t be as resistant to corrosion as possible without a smooth surface, especially if it is a metal product. Also, having rough machined parts increases the hassle in the production process.

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How to Measure Surface Roughness?

In simple terms, surface roughness is the deviation from the mean absolute plain surface — the most common measure of surface roughness with through average surface roughness, or Ra. As the numbers are very low, this is generally calculated in microinches. This is calculated by the mean deviation in the height of different surface points from the whole plain surface line.

This is a 2D measure of the surface and doesn’t consider any other elements of the surface topography as waviness, flaws, or errors. You can measure that on a 3D evaluation, but that’s generally not done to calculate surface roughness.

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Get a Smoother Surface of a CNC Machined Part

  • Increase the surface feet

You don’t want Built-up edge in your machines because they increase the chances of catastrophic failure. Increasing the surface feet reduces the chances of having a built-up edge in your machined metal parts.

  • Reduce the feed

While doing the finishing, it is important to have a lighter depth of cut and reduce the feed rate a bit. In that way, you can get the precise finishing, but be careful of reducing it too much to get any cut.

  • Increase the top rake angle

To get your desired finish, you can edit the rake angle in the insert’s design. Having a lower rake angle like 45 or 60 degrees means cutting in the 45- or 60-degrees downward angle. This may result in the back part of the cutter cutting more into the machined parts and causing harm to the surface finish. On the contrary, a bigger angle like 90 degrees would result in a much smoother finish.

  • Use a chip breaker
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Using a chip breaker allows you to reduce the pressure on the chips and get them out easily. With a chip breaker, you can produce smaller chips easily and get them out hassle-free, without causing any harm to the surface.

  • Use a large nose radius

If you are working with hard-to-cut materials, using a large nose radius will help you get a much deeper cut. You will need to leave a hefty portion of the product to get a smooth finishing with a large nose radius.

  • Use a wiper

If you want a smooth surface in the milling pass, you should be 100% using a wiper in the insert. It will also help you increase the feed rate. Make sure that you are using the correct diameter of the tool.

  • Check the tool-holding and work-holding
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This may be more of an overlooked fact, but the tool holder quality matters quite a lot. If the tool holder is old or the pocket is worn, the insert might move. Any insert movement will harm the surface finish as there will be chatter. Having a strong work-holding is also imperative for a higher metal removal rate.

Where to Find the Machined Parts with Perfect Roughness?

If you are a manufacturer and require machined parts with perfect roughness and want to make sure every step of the operation is done perfectly, the best and the easiest way is to contact a professional CNC machining parts supplier like AS PRECISION.

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They provide high-quality products with the highest preciseness. You can get your machined parts in the shortest possible time as well. The best thing is all of this comes on a budget, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your desired products. AS PRECISION can help you from the CAD design to getting the end product at your doorstep. You can’t find a better deal than cooperating with this professional manufacturer, so feel free to contact them for the best-priced CNC service!

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