How to Sell Online 

 May 3, 2022

Given the importance that attracting customers through the online medium can acquire today within a business in relation to offline, in this post we make a compilation of the essential steps to take into account when it comes to achieving Internet sales and how to promote your business:

1.Choose the best product or service to sell online.
2. Conduct a market study to find a niche likely to sell online.
3. Choose the most appropriate online sales platform.
4. Define and plan an online Marketing Strategy aimed at sales objectives.

There are many benefits of starting an online business. One of the main ones is that you can study the feasibility and profitability of the project before investing a single euro. Follow these steps and start selling online profitably:

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There are countless products that can be sold online, but creating a profitable digital business is not always that simple.
On the Internet, specialization is very important. If you have experience in a certain sector, focus on it. Creating an e-commerce taking advantage of your knowledge about products with which you have previously worked is usually very successful.
Forget fake gurus who offer the most profitable product to sell online. Trust yourself and your experience. And if you don’t have it, train yourself and get to know your product as if you had created it yourself.


Once you have an idea about in which sector you can become an online reference, it is important to focus on those products that can be more successful when selling online.
Follow these steps to locate your profitable Niche Market:

  • Make sure that your product is searched on the Internet
    The first step would be to carry out a study on the demand for your product. Is it something that users are actively looking for in search engines? To check it, you can help yourself with tools such as Google Trends to know the trends in the market about your products.
    You’ll also want to do a more specific search using the Google Ads keyword planner. This tool allows you to know the search volume of certain keywords, related to the purchase demand of your products, in order to use them in a campaign.
  • Analyze your competition
    Is there a competition advertising your product on the Internet?
    Contrary to what may seem a priori, the fact that there is competition advertising similar products on platforms such as Google Ads is a good sign. Most likely, although this is not always the case, is that if a company invests money in advertising the sale of a product online, it will be because it is a profitable business.
  • Be competitive in price
    It is convenient to analyze the prices offered by the competition. On the Internet, the cost of products is one of the aspects that most influences users’ purchasing decisions.
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Once you have selected what you are going to sell online taking into account your knowledge, market demand and competition, it is very important to choose the most appropriate platform to create your online store.
In the market, there are custom solutions and other open source platforms such as Prestashop and Woocommerce that, carried out by professionals, offer very good results.
There is no common answer to the question of which is the best platform to sell online, since it will depend on the business model and the specific needs of each company.
For smaller stores, with fewer products, woocommerce is often used, which is a store module for wordpress. Its use is quite simple and there are numerous plugins that facilitate the work for SEO positioning.
For online stores that offer a greater number of products, these have more variations, or some that require integrations with management systems or ERPs, the Prestashop platform will normally be chosen or even on other occasions it will be necessary to resort to custom programming.
The most appropriate thing is to let yourself be advised by professionals who study each case.

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Planning is the key to success. It is important before launching into the digital world to study how you are going to get your potential customers to find you and buy from you.
Are you going to start with direct sales campaigns with platforms like Google Shopping? Will you work SEO from the beginning or will you wait to see how users respond to your products by investing in advertising? Will it be enough to have a presence in search engines or will you have to create demand by investing in advertising on social networks, for example? And if yes, what platforms and what networks to choose?
Online marketing offers a multitude of possibilities and to know which ones to choose, an exhaustive study of the business to be undertaken will be necessary.
The main advantage is that fairly accurate estimates can be made about the viability and profitability of a business before resorting to any investment.
Having a professional team that has the necessary tools and knowledge for the initial study is one of the most recommended options to create a profitable online business.

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