How to use a temporary phone number for SMS verification 

 May 10, 2022

In this article, we are going to tell you how to operate SMS verification websites. These sites are very popular among people who want to receive SMS online and create unlimited social network accounts, messengers etc.

The process of operating SMS verification websites is quite simple. Peoples do not need to buy real SIM-cards and fill out forms for personal information. It is enough for users to create account and go to page with a list of available numbers, choose the most profitable country and service for themselves. That’s all!

One last thing to do is buy and copy your number from the website and put it in the field of the service, which demands your SMS confirmation. If the SMS reception goes well, the new message with verification code for you will appear on the phone number page.

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What is a temporary virtual phone number?

The temporary number is a unique number that has a limited validity period. The validity period may be from several minutes to several months or even years. It depends on your needs, for example:


  1. To bypass SMS verification;
  2. To use the service for advertising campaigns;
  3. To launch a new product or service (beta testing);
  4. To create an additional account in Facebook, Instagram etc;
  5. To create multiple accounts on one social network (bypassing restrictions).


How to get a temporary phone number for SMS verification

Website is an international portal for obtaining a temporary phone number for SMS verification and bypass OTP in popular social media without SIM-cards and mobile cell number at hand. Here you can buy temporary phone numbers from all over the world on the cheap: from the USA, Latin America and Asia to Europe and CIS countries.

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The site is designed for users who want to use SMS verification for their accounts in social networks, messengers and applications. This service allows you to handle any problems with registration and login into your account on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, VK, Yahoo, Gmail and others. It is also useful for those who want to hide their real phone number from spam or just make changes in their profiles using fake numbers.

The main advantage of this service is not only its low price (from $0.05), but also its high quality! You can be sure that everything will be done quickly and correctly, without any delays or mistakes.

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