Impact of TikTok on other Social Media Platforms 

 May 15, 2022

Youngsters have every reason to get stuck on the TikTok platform because of its outstanding content. Before its launch, Facebook used to lead the way but now the most preferred choice of entertainment is the TikTok platform which tends to have gained massive popularity because of how entertaining it is. It has reached a point where people even buy TikTok likes because they know it is a platform where they can get excellent influence if they have millions of followers. How has Tik Tok affected other social media platforms? Here are the reasons.


Facebook has lost its popularity ever since the launch of TikTok because many people don’t find it convincing anymore. To make itself relevant and modern, Facebook began to add new features to its platforms such as the video playlists and series features which were originally started by Tik Tok. Facebook then invented the creator studio for the first allowing people to use Facebook to create videos and visual content just like Tik Tok was doing. Even with all these advancements, it has still proven hard to beat Tik Tok, nowadays even the videos that get posted on Facebook are from the Tik Tok something that gives Facebook a challenge.

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Initially, Instagram was an image or picture posting platform where people used to only post pictures. With the coming of Tik Tok, people were deserting the platform and there was a need to bring a more pleasing feature to make people abide by the platform. For that reason, Instagram brought the Reels feature which is meant to enhance video visuals. Users can now create bite-sized videos which will resemble that of Tik Tok. People are now always on Instagram to watch short videos. All this was because of the introduction of the reels’ feature.


Twitter is almost forgotten with only the old population remaining in it because young people have found comfort on Tik Tok and other video-sharing platforms. As a result, it has resorted to more advancements and now there are Twitter Live feeds to give people a reason to keep following it. Twitter keeps on airing live Football scores so that it can harness the attention of people.  Twitter is a wonderful platform but due to the coming of more youthful platforms, the only people who will remain there are the ones who are only interested in news and don’t like modern entertainment.

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This is a professional platform that normally contains B2B campaigns so it hasn’t been affected by anything at all.  Even with the coming of Tik Tok, this platform has remained relevant on its own because people are not on this platform for entertainment but for a professional association.


There is always an impact on every platform whenever a new platform is invented. YouTube has been struggling to retain its relevance after the introduction of twitch and Spotify both of which command attention from the users. These inventions have killed the monopoly making people get the best features as platforms thrive to make relevant features online.

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