Injured at Work? Here’s Why You Need an Attorney. 

 April 29, 2022

As a worker, do you ever wonder what will happen if you get injured? There’s always a risk of getting injured. Right? How will your employer facilitate you after? Do you have insurance? Many questions can arise in one’s mind when working at a workplace. In a likely situation, can be a and help for you.

According to a report, 7 million injuries occur at workplaces each year in the United States. Injuries at the workplace are common. Especially if your work is construction-based, you might slip, trip and fall. Or get hit by a machine and suffer a severe injury.

In this unwanted situation, you might want to hire an attorney. You ask me, why? In this post, I have listed down some of the main reasons why it is so crucial to hire an attorney if you get injured at work.

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Medical costs and wage loss coverage

Minor injuries like small cuts and wounds are not that costly to treat and can get ignored. However, injuries, where surgeries are needed, are expensive and take time to heal.

According to the law, it is the employer’s responsibility to cover all the medical expenses and provide you full wage loss benefits. And to make certain that your employer pays all your medical bills, you need an attorney to defend your stance.

Your employer might refuse that the incident occurred at their premises

Remember, some employers don’t like paying. They will try to find ways to somehow not pay any additional expenses. Thus, there are chances that your employer straight-up denies that injury occurred inside their premises.

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For that reason, remember, you can get an attorney anytime to safeguard your rights and get you justice.

Pre-existing health issues

If you have an existing health problem, your employer may excuse your injury by connecting the cause of the incident with your previous health issue.

Your employer and its insurance company will do everything legally to avoid the wage. Therefore, an attorney will defend your claim against theirs.

Discrimination at the workplace due to the injury

Your employer may downgrade your position at work because of your injury due to which the company had to pay. Your employer may take it personally and victimize you by either deducting your pay, lessening your work hours, delaying your salary, or harassing you in any other form.


You should not settle for any of this and get a consultant or perhaps an attorney who could handle it legally and professionally.

Long-term or permanent disability

Some major injuries can get fatal and cause permanent or long-term damages. It is indeed very costly, as medical help is required continually. Thus, who is going to pay for the ongoing medical bills? Who is going to compensate for the future wage losses?

Of course, your employer and their insurance companies. Nevertheless, they will try to claim otherwise. That is why you will need an attorney to strengthen your claims and safeguard your rights.

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