Invest in a PDF Tool for Your Successful Learning 

 August 22, 2022

PDF tools are important for creating and editing school files, including assignments, quizzes, teacher assessments, and all types of teaching tools PDF documents. When it comes to documents for effective learning, you cannot overstate the need for PDF editors.

But do students and tutors understand how to maximize a PDF editor for their document needs?

This article will reveal how PDF tools can boost your academic performance and prepare you for future work. Let’s get started.

Importance of PDF tools

Now that we understand that PDF editors let you alter the content within PDF files, let’s figure out how they can be used for traditional and e-learning purposes.

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Create your study materials

As a student, building your study guide for personal reading will help you absorb the lessons faster and get better grades at school. You can use a PDF editor to merge your past class lessons, notes, and scanned assignments into a single PDF.

With a PDF editor, instructors can create tools for teaching PDF documents before the start of the semester to make it easy for them to teach the course. In case you scan and convert physical notes into PDFs, the OCR feature within the editor can help you find the answers you need when studying with that PDF.

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There are plenty of ways to go paperless and enhance how you deliver or receive an education. Institutions can also make teacher self-performance assessment as fillable PDF forms so that tutors can be appraised with ease.

Improve collaboration and sharing

Effective learning involves collaboration on class projects and group assignments. This means students will have to collaborate on PDF documents and share as required.

Some PDF tools can be installed as extensions for Google Chrome so that you can easily view, download, and use annotation tools on your browser. The PDF Fill & Sign feature within these tools also helps users collaborate and complete worksheet assignments on the web browser.

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Even tutors can share and receive teacher self-evaluation PDFs from DropBox or Google Drive and any changes made on the file will automatically reflect in the document. With a PDF tool that can access cloud storage, you don’t need to bother about data loss because you can always retrieve documents stored online.

School authorities may need to gather teachers’ and students’ opinions before compiling their management and assessment in education PDF. An effective way to do this is by sharing questionnaires as PDF forms.

Save money on printing

PDF files will help you go paperless and choose digital ways of processing data. Both students and educators can rely on PDF editing software to create, edit and distribute study notes, assignments, and informative tools.

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It’d be wasteful if you had to print your copies of research and study guides from the library before you could use them. PDF tools let you cut out pages and create new PDFs from existing documents.

Instead of printing copies of the formative assessment PDF to distribute at the teacher’s meeting, you can share PDF files that they can preview before the meeting. Educators can ask students to submit assignments in PDF formats, grade them using annotation tools and return them to the students.

To save money, you can print a few copies of the online classroom management PDF for the notice boards and share it as a PDF with other students.

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Perfectly formatted assignments and presentations

When students are required to tender assignments in digital formats under tight deadlines, it’s not impossible to submit at least one poorly formatted work. How do you prevent this in your many years of college?

The universal PDF file has a better advantage over other file formats because of its locked formatting. This means once you convert a Word document to a PDF file, the arrangement remains intact as in the original format. In more complex cases, converting Excel spreadsheets with tables and graphs to PDFs before a submission is best for you.

Students cannot escape making a class presentation before graduation, and instructors always have to present lectures in class. PDF tools are essential editing software for formatting class presentations ahead of delivery.

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With an intuitive PDF tool, you can properly arrange tables, photos, audio, and text in that online discussion forum PDF you’re working on for the next class. An online PDF converter can also help convert PDF to PPT formats if you want to deliver slideshow presentations.

Best PDF Editors (with pricing)

Lumin PDF

Lumin is one of the best cloud-based editing PDF software to help you convert, split, and integrate PDF documents with Google. Annotation tools on Lumin PDF enhance how you collaborate and provide feedback on PDF files from anywhere.

Lumin PDF is compatible with all devices, including Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. You can enjoy Lumin’s free trial for basic editing features or sign up for the $6.58/month plan for premium editing.

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the oldest PDF solution for personal, business, and educational needs. Its professional suite of editing and annotation tools allows you to explore all you can with PDF documents.

One exciting feature of Adobe Reader is how it offers seamless collaboration among users on PDF files. There’s a free trial for you to get a feel of the tool, but starting from $22.19/month, you can unlock advanced features on this PDF editor.

PDF Filler

PDF Filler is an online PDF editor, e-signature solution, and PDF form creator in a single web package. Once you open an account, you can edit PDFs and create fillable forms for your school needs.

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With PDF Filler, you can collect information via signed PDF forms and extract the data onto Excel sheets or CRM systems. This tool is handy for school administration purposes. Advanced features are available to premium subscribers at $20.00/month.


PDFelement is similar to Adobe Acrobat because it offers enterprise-grade PDF features. Users can not just create and edit PDF files but also sign PDF documents and issue perpetual licenses.

PDFelement is available in over nine languages and compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There’s a free version for Mac and Windows users, but you can get unlimited use at $19.00/month.

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Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF enhances your ability to work with PDF documents anywhere in the world, on any device. This universal PDF editing tool is notable for its secure eSigning function among professional editing tools.

You can join 3 million users to enjoy Nitro PDF and create more innovative methods for handling school documents. To gain full access to this web-based tool on Windows or Linux platforms, start with a priced plan of $129.99/month. There’s a 14-day free trial to help you decide if Nitro is suitable for you.


Next time you’re compiling observation tools for teachers PDF, you can be more productive by using one of the best free PDF editors. Good editing software allows you to password-protect a PDF, and you provide only authorized access to those involved.

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Now that e-learning is taking over traditional education formats, students and educators must find more ingenious ways to get things done. Choose a tool like Lumin PDF to bring your documents to life and collaborate with others without locational or time restraint.

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