Moneta Review: Minimum Deposit and more useful information 

 October 19, 2022

The minimum deposit indicates that before you can begin trading, you must transfer this sum from your bank account to your trading account. It may also be referred to as funding or an initial deposit.

When you are going to register an account at Moneta Markets, there are a few other factors to take into mind in addition to the minimum deposit requirement. In this Moneta review, we will discuss all information about minimum deposit and other more useful information.

Deposit fees and options at Moneta Markets

Moneta Markets is the best forex for beginners do not charge deposit fees. This is fantastic because the broker won’t take anything away from your deposits, leaving you to figure out the fees assessed by the bank or other entity you use to send the money. Check out the fee chapter in our Moneta Markets guide to learn more about the fees.

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Even though Moneta Markets does not charge a deposit fee, you should be aware of the many deposit options.

The various methods’ typical transfer times are as follows:

Transfer by wire: 2–3 days

Online wallets and credit/debit cards: immediate or within a few hours

Our experience suggests that Moneta Markets is less user-friendly than other brokers, which is a slight drawback when making a deposit. This indicates that the interface is difficult to use or that figuring out where and how to make the transfer is a little challenging.

Deposits of money

Each trading account has a base currency, meaning the broker will keep your deposit funds.

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You may be able to open additional trading accounts with various base currencies at some firms. For instance, IG allows customers to have accounts with both EUR and USD currency.

Why is this important? If you deposit in a currency other than the base currency of the target trading account, a currency conversion fee will be assessed. Although it probably won’t matter much to you, you should be aware.

Some online brokers only offer trading accounts in the major currencies, such as USD, GBP, EUR, and occasionally JPY, while others support much more.


Step-by-step instructions for depositing the minimal amount from Moneta Markets

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The steps listed below can be used to make deposits with Moneta Markets the best forex for beginners:

Step 1: Sign in

Access your Moneta Markets Web Trader account by logging in.

You then choose a deposit method the broker accepts, input the deposit amount, and complete the deposit.

Step 2 Make the deposit.

In the upper right corner of your window, click “Deposit.”

Verify the sum you want to deposit.

Give your banking and deposit information so the Moneta Markets accounts department can handle them.

Review your transaction

Select your preferred method of payment and add money to your account. Your deposit may not appear on your brokerage account for a few days, depending on your chosen method.

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If one of the users is the trading account holder, payment through shared bank accounts or credit cards will be permitted.

Only fees that we observe can be covered. You are still responsible for any additional charges made by your bank, the bank acting as an intermediary, and our financial institution.

It is still the client’s obligation to ensure they have the necessary cash in their account for trading using alternative payment methods in the unlikely event that funds are not immediately credited.

First-time card funding of an account is limited to AUD 1,000 or equivalent. Your initial deposit will be returned to your credit card if it exceeds AUD 1,000 or its equivalent when made to your account by card.

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A restricted daily maximum deposit of AUD 10,000 or equivalent is allowed for each transaction, each card, and each account.

If you deposited a credit card into your account and sought a withdrawal within 12 weeks, the deposit will be returned to the original credit card. Moneta Markets has complete control over how we refund customer funds.

As the client, you are responsible for paying any reversed payments and chargeback fees in the event of a reversal. You consent to deposit funds into your trading account via bank wire transfer if there are insufficient funds in the trading account to cover.

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