Most Recent Trends to Study for your Masters Dissertation 2022 

 May 5, 2022


Computer science is the field of constant evolution. Every day, you see around yourself and find something new; all thanks to research in computer science. It will not be wrong to say that change is a constant thing in the field of computer science. Many trends are being created each day, and as a student, you must research them. You can research those trends as part of your Master’s Dissertation Writing. Many students do not know about the recent trends in the computer field. It is why they find it hard to choose a topic for their dissertation. Therefore, today’s article is all about discussing those recent trends in detail so that a student can study them in a Masters’s Dissertation Writing. So, let’s start our discussion with the following question:

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What is a Masters’s Dissertation Writing?

It is a final written and documented research work in the field of computer science. In this type of a dissertation, a researcher studies the recent trends and concludes them. The researchers also study different branches of computer science. So, you can say it is all about recent developments in this field. An important thing to note here is that you cannot get your degree without submitting a dissertation. Therefore, you need to be very well aware of the recent trends in this field.

What are the most recent trends?

Technology takes new shapes quickly. The world is changing with each passing day and so do the trends for a Masters’s Dissertation Writing. Hence, a brief description of some of the top and recent trends is as follows:

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Quantum computing

Computing is the act of solving different problems with the aid of computers. There is a lot of research going on in the field of computing. A major breakthrough in this field came when Google announced that it had achieved quantum computing. Now, you must be thinking about what quantum computing is. Basically, it is a kind of computing that can solve complex problems within minutes. Unlike classic computers, it solves problems at the atomic and subatomic levels. This type of computing also differs in the storing of data. The other computers store data in the form of binary code. On the other hand, quantum computers store data in the form of quantum bits, often called qubits. It allows quantum computers to solve the crunch problems more quickly.

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Computer science researchers may use this computing in their research projects. This computing application involves finding suitable flight routes and delivery truck routes. There are a lot of areas that still need attention. Therefore, you can study this trend for your Master’s Dissertation Writing.


This field is emerging and evolving rapidly. The robots use different computer-aided programs to make the life of the people easier. In fact, robotics is a multi-disciplinary field that involves computer science, and electrical and mechanical engineering. This industry aims to revolutionize the industries like manufacturing, farming, and food preparation. To do this, a lot of research is going on in this field.

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Due to the benefits of the robots in terms of workplace security, a lot of industries are recruiting robots. The car industry is the major player in this. Modern robots need to be efficient and well designed. Therefore, you can study this field in your Master’s Dissertation Writing to make different programs and increase robots’ efficiency.


Different tech companies store and manipulate the data of their customers or visitors. Due to this huge collection of data, protecting it has also become inevitable in recent times. Companies need to protect that data from cyberattacks or other security threats. Therefore, the need for increased cybersecurity has increased exponentially. You can easily craft a remarkable Masters’s Dissertation Writing on this topic.

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Most industries like healthcare, financial, and insurance institutions need better protection of their customer’s data. Hackers can hack their systems and get the data easily if it is not protected well. It is why the cybersecurity field is evolving rapidly. Hence, you should study this field as part of your Ph.D. research and contribute.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the recent trend in computer science. It is doing wonders in this field, and everyone is obsessed with this technology. Artificial intelligence, basically, centers on machine learning and mimics human intelligence. The professionals in this field develop algorithms and programs to perform human-like tasks. The field of AI is evolving rapidly with each passing day. Although this field is in its early stages, the tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM are already investing a lot in it.

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While looking at the discussion above, you can say that there is no shortage of opportunities for research in this field. Still, there are many areas that need to be explored. Therefore, you can choose this recent trend for your Master’s Dissertation Writing.

Big data analytics

Big data analytics is becoming the new normal for tech companies. Multinational companies and brands store the data of their customers. Upon storing, they analyze and conclude the topic. Big data analytics, in fact, analyses large amounts of data. This analysis uncovers the hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights. Nowadays, every company and brand is trying to reach its customers and know their preferences. This makes this field of research fancy, and more and more researchers are coming into this field.

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Hence, big data analytics is the complex analysis of complex data. Therefore, more research needs to be done in this field. Based on this, you can easily write a Master’s Dissertation Writing on this recent trend.


Students can improve their career prospects by studying recent trends in the computer science field. With daily updates on the trends, there are a lot of areas that still need attention. Students can study those gaps in a Masters Dissertation. The trends mentioned above are the most recent ones, and they need a significant amount of research. Therefore, you can consider them to study as part of your PhD studies.

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