Revert Bootable USB Back To Normal 

 April 29, 2022

Hey fellas! If you have ever booted your computer from a USB stick, you may have noticed that even if you format the USB you won’t get all the space back. This is because of the partition created when you make your USB bootable. In this article we are going to discuss on How to Revert Bootable USB Back to Normal so that you can use the full space of your USB.

There are many ways to do the task but in this article we are going to discuss the procedure to revert bootable USB back to normal using diskpart feature of Windows. The process is fairly easy. So, follow these steps and make your USB free again.

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  1. First of all, we have to open the command prompt. Go to the start button and search for command prompt. You can simply use the shortcut windows+r to open run and type in cmd  and hit enter. Something like this will appear. Revert Bootable USB Back To NormalRevert Bootable USB Back To Normal
  2. In the terminal of command prompt type diskpart and hit enter so that you will see this.Revert Bootable USB Back To NormalRevert Bootable USB Back To Normal
  3. Type list disk in the diskpart window. you will recognize your USB by its storage capacity. Be careful in this step because you can erase your hard disk if you select your hard disk instead of usb 3.1 flash drive. Generally, your USB will disk1 but if you are using more than one hard disk or a combo of HDD and SSD it will be disk 2. So watch carefully which disk are you choosing. And never ever select disk 0.
  4. Now run following commands in sequential order:
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select disk 2         Select your USB disk after looking at it exolained as earlier.


create partition primary

format fs=fat32 quick    This command formats the pendrive.

exit                                   This closes the diskpart.

At last, format your USB again and it is as good as new. Hope you liked this article, if you have any queries feel free to comment. Also leave a like on our facebook page.

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