Samsung Foldable Phone Price Leaked 

 April 12, 2022

Hey fellas! It is already confirmed that Samsung is releasing a foldable phone in 2019. And entire tech community is super excited about Samsung Foldable Phone. A company named Royole launched the first foldable smartphone named Flexpai basically, just to be first. The first foldable smartphone wasn’t that good so we all are expecting Samsung’s version would be better.

Samsung Foldable Phone’s price is leaked by the person who is supposed to be Samsung’s employee. According to the leak, the foldable phone will cost around £1500 to £2000. It seems like a rip off, but according to the tech and the features it is supposed to have, it is quite fair. But if Samsung starts mass production of the phone after release, the price is sure to go down. Samsung’s version of the foldable phone will have the Oled Infinity Display unlike Royole’s messy one. And it is said to look cool as well. According to leaks, there will be different versions of the foldable smartphone. The base version will cost around £1500. Samsung is making about 1 million of the foldable phones and will increase production according to demand.

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