Secrets of a cool newsletter 

 April 18, 2022

The famous Russian classic Anton Chekhov once said a very important thing, useful for writers, journalists, and email copywriters: “The art of writing is the art of cutting.” Although this expression is more than 100 years old, every year it becomes more relevant, especially in the field of texts for digital marketing. Do you know why? The preferences of the public and the dynamics of life, in general, are changing. Now the user has become so busy and lazy at the same time that you should serve him a clear, capacious, and tasty proposal with a filling inside and in a beautiful wrapper. Your subscriber wants to capture the essence of an email newsletter from the very first second, while he is looking for something different from what he saw before. Do you want to amaze your subscriber over and over again? Then grab an excellent selection of tips on how to write a newsletter using cutting-edge copywriting, web design, and, of course, email marketing!

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Newsletter: definition, varieties, benefits

Let’s start with what is not a good newsletter. Forget the advice of “experienced” marketers like: “you need 3 columns”, “use at least 5 different fonts”, “there should be 10, no, better than 15 product cards”, “detailed product characteristics – first of all”. If you do it like that, you will not get an advertising mailing. Instead, it will turn into a huge and clumsy monster, whose refined and charismatic nature no one will notice under all this tinsel. You don’t want your campaign to be like this, right?


And now an educational program — newsletter best practices.

Rule # 1 “One message – one thought”:

  • hook the reader from the first phrase, do everything so that the text is consumed with greed;
  • focus on the indicator of 1 second, this is exactly how much a person needs to grasp the meaning of banner advertising;
  • the clearer and more concise you write, the higher the chances that the user will click on the cherished CTA button;
  • you also need to work hard on the button, avoid hackneyed calls like “Buy now!”;
  • Highlight your thesis and main idea using different colors and fonts;
  • bulleted and numbered lists instead of text “canvases”;
  • play with the arrangement of the text part so that the template does not “disperse”.
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Rule number 2 “Maximum visualization of content”:

  • when writing a newsletter, assume that more than 90% of information is perceived visually;
  • the letter should be in such a way that a user would need just a glance to catch the main idea;
  • use designer’s pictures, do not touch those “used” from Google, especially from the first 5 pages of search;
  • the following newsletter tips are about infographics, replace thousands of complex words with it;
  • add links to videos, make cool animations, this way your letter will be interesting and remembered.

Rule number 3 “General composition – in the same style”:

  • some elements look gorgeous, but the overall picture is not complete, the letter needs to be redone;
  • the call to action fulfills its purpose – a quick transition of the user to an external resource, checkout;
  • no hints, only specifics, otherwise the subscriber will leave the letter “for later”;
  • start loving links and use them skillfully, as readers are as crazy about them as they are about cool CTA buttons;
  • decorate text with emojis and write from a human expert with 50 years of hands-on experience.
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Our minimal set of guidelines for how to write a newsletter article can help you write a cool email. However, do not forget to add your contact details in the end.

To check or not to check? That’s the question

No matter how awesome an email is, what good is it if your customer base is far from perfect. Therefore, our email newsletter tips are not only about the art of writing beautiful text and cutting it. In addition, we strongly recommend that you keep your mailing list hygienic. Do not be lazy to do a thorough data verification before each campaign, and take emails checker as an assistant.

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Optimal fonts for an engaging campaign

When it comes to how to write a good newsletter, fonts deserve special attention. We recommend using web-safe fonts that display equally well on all electronic devices:

  • Arial;
  • Courier;
  • Georgia;
  • Helvetica;
  • Lucida Sans;
  • Tahoma;
  • Times New Roman;
  • Trebuchet MS;

For your newsletter marketing, choose a maximum of 2 fonts that complement each other harmoniously. Or use just one best font for emails, but unlock its full potential by playing with sizes, indents, text styles, colors, etc.

5 interesting newsletter ideas

Keep our selection of email newsletter best practices! We hope it will inspire you to do something even more bombastic!

# 1 Email Design for Dark Mode – The Craze Of The Day!

# 2 An effective break with 3D mailings!

№3 Funny and bright 3D-images – always to the point!

# 4 Don’t forget textured illustrations and 2D relevance

# 5 Classic Product Cards – But How Cool They Are!

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