Small Business Website – Modular System Or Web Agency? 

 March 6, 2022

Your website is also a must for self-employed and small businesses. Can the website be created with a modular system, or is a web designer necessary? Nowadays, online presence is more important than ever. This applies to all companies – including the self-employed and small businesses. Modular systems are mainly aimed at small companies.

There are now very many modular systems. They seem effortless to work and are supposed to be an inexpensive alternative to professional agencies – at least they sell themselves as such. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modular systems for the self-employed and small companies?

Advantages Of Modular Systems

Easy Operation

You don’t need a lot of experience to design with modular systems. Especially at the beginning, users are guided through the system step by step. Everything is designed to be easy and understandable. Every layperson can create their website here.

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Countless Templates

Creating a website is almost as easy as writing a Word file: You choose a template, that is, a template, and then you fill it with content, as the saying goes. The templates are usually pre-sorted and tailored to specific industries: from fashion blogs to medical practices.

Mobile Versions

Most of the templates offered are responsive. This means that the design works on any screen size: from the large monitor on the desktop to the smaller monitor on notebooks to the narrow screen in portrait format. This saves a lot of time and design work. A website in responsive design is not a luxury but an absolute must these days!

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Quick Implementation

Insert suitable pictures, logo, coherent texts, and bang – the website can go online. Well, it’s not that simple because the content is more than half the battle of a website. But in principle, these building blocks are exactly what you still have to do. The modular system regulates everything else.

Tutorials And Instructions

If there are any questions, the Internet can help. Modular systems are prevalent, and that is why you can find countless answers to almost every question on YouTube and in various blogs. The community around modular systems is beneficial. The modular system is the perfect solution for lay people who want to get a website online quickly. Or?

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Disadvantages Of Modular Systems

Layout Is Given

The templates are the same for all users and cannot be customized as required. This means that you cannot differentiate yourself from the competition with the design. You cannot expect an individual website design from a modular website. However, modular systems are constantly evolving. With some modular systems, particular website areas can be adapted with new layouts, for example, contemporary designs for the gallery, contact forms, buttons, headers, and footers.

Search Engine Optimization

Modular systems often do not take into account what Google hopes for a website. Modular systems are not able to offer comprehensive search engine optimization services. You are entirely on your own when it comes to search engine-friendly content.

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Moving To Another Provider Is Hardly Possible

The website is tied to the infrastructure of the modular system. The provider creates the website. It is also stored on the service’s servers. Moving to another service provider is therefore not possible in most cases. If you move, the website has to be completely redesigned.

Advantages Of A Web Agency

All From A Single Source

An agency is familiar with the matter and relieves you of a lot of the work you have to do with a construction kit. It starts with the target group definition. Very few companies think about it enough: Who do I want to address, and how can I best do it? Web agencies are happy to help with such questions.

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A web agency conscientiously takes care of your website and its updating: design, content, hosting, search engine optimization, the latest trends, legal provisions, and data protection guidelines are in good hands. You can be sure that your website complies with all technical and legal standards.

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Contact Person

A web agency is your contact for everything that has to do with your website. You don’t need any technical know-how yourself. You save time and can concentrate on your core competencies.

Disadvantages Of A Web Agency


Of course, you have to spend more money on a web agency than on a modular system. But the more influential the website is for your company, the more the investment is worthwhile. Especially if you want to win new customers via the website, a search engine optimized site quickly pays for itself. You cannot predict the costs of an agency as easily as with a modular system. Which services you use from the agency also depends on the sales talent of the agency.

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Selection Of The Agency

Ideally, you have a web agency that is competent and inexpensive. When things don’t go well, you pay a lot for poor performance. It is not easy to find the agency that suits your company. With a small business budget, you are not of interest to large agencies. In the case of small agencies, the differences in quality are enormous. The web agency market is very confusing. There is a correspondingly high risk that the chosen agency will turn out to be a mistake.


It is too expensive for many self-employed and small companies to have their online presence designed by an agency. If the website is not crucial to your company’s success, nothing speaks against working with a modular system. This is cheap, and you will quickly get a good product that makes a professional impression.

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