SPC Flooring Machine: What Makes Luxury Residential Floor 

 May 2, 2022

Families often find themselves in two minds between wooden floors and SPC floors tilted in the process of decorating homes nowadays. However, with the presence of the SPC flooring machine, people no longer have to go through a dilemma because it is the machine that paves the way for the SPC flooring. It is a new type of floor decoration material that can deal with a range of climatic environments, thereby pushing the limits of relying on wooden flooring.

When it comes to its popularity, statistics suggest the global market size of stone plastic composite (SPC) is likely to reach $61.17 billion in 2027 from $24 billion in 2020. These estimates indicate a profitable market for SPC flooring machines, so the production of SPC flooring is on the rise. Thus, this article will introduce some significant benefits of SPC floors and factors to consider when buying SPC flooring machines.

Pros of the SPC Floor Made By SPC Flooring Machine

Here are two specific benefits of SPC floors made by SPC flooring machines.


  • Beauty and Durability with Distinguished Stain Resistance Property
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With the help of the SPC flooring machine, people can make the appearance of their floor decorative and colorful. Moreover, its outward form also looks customizable. People also get a variety that you cannot resist appreciating when it comes to its color combinations and textures. SPC flooring is also becoming rapidly popular because of its stain-resistant and easy-to-install properties.


  • Resist Various Conditions

People can use SPC flooring for more than 5 years thanks to its attribute of resistance against various conditions, including abrasion and wear. It is easy to find that SPC floors are used in commercial and high-traffic areas, which are prone to moisture and liquid spills. 


Factors to Consider When Choosing an SPC Flooring Machine

Since SPC floors are essential in people’s daily lives, SPC flooring machines make a considerable effort in producing SPC floors. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an SPC flooring machine.


  •  Materials: Non-Toxic and Recyclable
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The main materials used in the SPC flooring machine should be non-toxic and recyclable.

  • Virgin polyvinyl chloride should be the primary raw material of the stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring. Remember that PVC is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly resource and is free from formaldehyde, lead, benzene, and heavy metals.
  • We are living in an era of sustainable development. Against this backdrop, it is vital to note that the materials utilized in SPC flooring should be easily recycled. 
  •  Twin-Screw Extruder: Increase Efficiency and Quality
  • When it comes to mixing, a twin-screw extruder may prove to be very efficient. It is less reliant on the flow properties of the material.
  • It is brazenly fast concerning the heat exchange rate from the barrel surface to the material.
  • It is uniformly distributed when it comes to residence time.
  • Meanwhile, the conical twin-screw extruder is a more versatile machine because of the flexible modular configuration of the barrel and screw.
  • It can handle sticky materials.


  •  CE Certification: Environmental-Friendly
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It would help if you also considered the factor of this floor decoration material-making machine being certified as high-quality and environmentally friendly. The reason is that the qualified SPC floors may require to pass two certifications, including CE certification for environmental production and ISO9000 international quality system certification.


  •  Parts of the Machine: Adding Handiness

Before purchasing the SPC floor machine, be sure to check its components and standards. The parts of a standard SPC flooring machine include a conical twin-screw extruder, extrusion die, calender, oil roller heating system, cooling bracket, traction machine, precision cutting plate machine, and stacker. These should work together to add value and handiness to the overall production process.


Best Place to Buy Excellent-Quality SPC Flooring Machines

Nowadays, SPC floors are in great demand, thus increasing the need for SPC flooring machines. However, buying a high-quality SPC flooring machine may require you to consider the consistent quality and experience of the manufacturer. For over two decades, Boyu has been doing an impressive job. It is an experienced SPC flooring machine manufacturer that stands out in the market while meeting all the demands of choosing the machine mentioned earlier.

It is essential to keep up with advanced tech-driven and eco-friendly solutions in the fast-changing world, and it is what Boyu is doing. Because of heavy investment in research and development, Boyu comes up with the most reliable and innovative machines. So please get the time to check out its more products.

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