Tentative GATE Updates- 2023 

 May 30, 2022

The GATE Application Form will be conducted online by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Candidates must enrol in the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) to complete the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2023 application form.

The GATE 2023 online registration deadline is yet to be announced. However, it may begin by the end of August 2023. Candidates can use the article to learn about the tentative dates of the GATE exam, the GATE application form, and other important information.

Gate 2023 Exam Date

The GATE 2023 Exam Dates will most likely be announced in September 2023, along with the formal announcement. The following is a list of projected exam dates for GATE 2023, based on the timeline for the prior year’s assessments.

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Gate Exam Date 2023

The GATE exam is administered on behalf of the Department of Education, the National Coordinating Board, and the Ministry of Human Resources Development by the GATE Committee, faculty members from IISc, and seven IITs. The GATE exam is designed to assess students’ knowledge of core disciplines such as engineering and science. IIT Kanpur will be in charge of GATE 2023. The official announcement will be made soon. Meanwhile, candidates can look at the GATE 2023 exam date. GATE 2023 was held on February 5, 6, 12, and 13.

Who will manage GATE 2023?

IIT Kanpur will host the GATE 2023 examination, which is expected to take place in the first to second weeks of February 2023, according to reports. If candidates wish to learn more on the GATE exam date 2023, click here.

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GATE Virtual Calculator

Candidates taking the GATE 2023 exam are not permitted to bring certain things, including calculators, into the examination venue. Candidates, on the other hand, are allowed to use the GATE calculator. What is a virtual scientific calculator, you might wonder? The GATE exam requires the use of a calculator because the majority of the questions are numerical in nature. As a result, the exam administrators will grant applicants access to a unique feature called the GATE virtual calculator for PC. Since 2016, GATE candidates have had access to this feature.

  • The administrators at the exam centre will enable candidates who are taking the GATE examinations to use the GATE calculator in the exam.
  • The keys to operate simple functions are located on the right side of the GATE download virtual calculator.
  • The keys on the left side of the virtual calculator will be available for scientific operations and other activities.
  • Candidates are not necessary to use the SHIFT or INV keys because there are separate keys for inverse functions.
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To read more on the GATE calculator, click here. However, since the GATE calculator in the GATE exam is a complicated device, one needs to know how to use it.

GATE 2023 Counselling Dates

There are two stages to the GATE counselling process. GATE COAP Counselling is the first, while GATE CCMT Counselling is the second. Candidates will have to separately apply for CCMT and COAP counselling in order to get admission to the participating institutes. It must be noted that COAP is conducted for admission to IITs and CCMT counselling is conducted for admission to IIITs, NITs, and GFITs. For IITs, candidates will have to apply to individual institutes where admission is desired and register at COAP 2023. Although admissions are done on the basis of GATE 2023 scores, many institutes also conduct a written test or interview for shortlisting candidates.

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