Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers 

 May 10, 2022

Instagram is a cornerstone of many brands that desire to have massive social media exposure. With an estimated user population of over 1.2 billion, this photo-sharing platform is worth investing in. For a brand to be effective in Instagram marketing, the Instagram account needs to be well-recognized and get many followers. From these followers, brand awareness is enhanced and sales leads could increase. How do you get a lot of followers for your business Instagram account? Here are some of the simple ways to do so as advised by socialWick.

Optimize Your Instagram Account

Instagram account optimization is done to make sure the account represents the brand. To optimize the account, you need to write a good bio for your brand and if possible, add pictures to the profile. Add a link to your brand website on the bio so that your Instagram visitors click the link, they can be taken directly to your website. Make sure the link on the bio is hyperlinking a keyword or a phrase that you use for other content creation purposes. Instagram account optimization is relevant because it customizes your Instagram account into a brand account.


Ensure You Have a Perfect Content Posting Calendar

When it comes to content posting, there is a need to have a specific schedule so that you don’t post content randomly at any time. Followers are always there but you need to ensure there is a structured posting schedule and only when it is relevant unless it is a press release or emergency news. Having a consistent and regular posting calendar will create a habit for your followers to know when to expect your posts. If you don’t know how to schedule, there are Instagram content schedulers to help you know when to post.

Get Brand Advocates to Post Your Contents

It is important to know that other influencers there has a pool of existing followers already. If these influencers post your content, it lands into the eyes of millions of people who can click the links or search your business and become your followers and clients. When you partner with other brands, you increase your followers within a very short time. Look for industry-related brands and let them increase your brand awareness. It is also social proof that your products are genuine and reliable that’s why other people are advocating for your products.

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Fake Instagram Followers Should Be Avoided

What is the goal of having followers? It is simply to ensure you have sales leads and a lot of referrals as well as good reviews. Having fake followers may risk a lot of things in your business including loss of new followers, zero leads, no content shares, and no return on investments. As a result, you end up not reaping any benefits. Grow slowly but with real tangible followers who can accelerate your business awareness and revenue volume.


Instagram has a readily available pool of followers that businesses can harness anytime. It is however not that easy so proper strategies must be put in place to ensure businesses win the audience they need and retain them.

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