Website recording software to understand your customer  

 May 21, 2022

The ever alive, ever-expanding world of technology-driven businesses is as competitive as it can be. Every other business is involved in a cut-throat competition to vie for the maximum number of users or customers it can get. And, why not, businesses invest huge sums of money and state-of-the-art technology that makes them the right candidate to might as well reap the benefits of their efforts.

Due to all of this, it becomes extremely important that you know your customer well enough to lure him each time he is out on a lookout. The proven fact based on a large number of quantifiable case studies is that it generally takes even less than a second for the customer to decide if you are the one he is looking for. Hence, such a short time span demands extreme precision in noting down the behavior of the customer. Because let’s all be real & practical because if you do not, there are certainly many fishes in the sea.

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At this point, heatmaps become a necessary tool to understand the mood and the behavior of the user in question.

How a website recording software helps you do the following important things: 

  • It tracks the movement of the mouse. Noting down your each and every tap. It even measures how far you’ve scrolled down the website at hand.
  • It gives full control on setting the limits, timings, and duration of when you want to record your specific website.
  • It lets you manage multiple domains through a unified dashboard to record all the actions of the users concerned. So, basically, kill not just two but as many as birds you want with one stone, metaphorically of course.
  • Each user session can be recorded and shared via an authenticated and secure sharing path. This is to ensure maximum safety for the user. It’s extremely important in today’s times especially when data privacy is such a huge concern.
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When you know about the customer’s details like from where he is nudging into your website, how much time it invests in your website, and what exactly its cursor movements are, you get to understand it better. Now, based on this which is something like a feedback mechanism you can optimize your website in a particular way to ensure maximum customer retention. And, if you are providing any service for that matter, it can help you increase the conversion rate too. This entire process is called Behaviour Analyticswhich forms an important factor for businesses to succeed in today’s times.

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Suppose, the content you put up on your website is of the highest standards but the entire experience suffers due to poor navigation capabilities, what a bummer, right? Well, you would never know that if you do not walk into the customer’s shoes.

So, the website recording software developed by 500 apps is the best affordable software to help your business achieve the agile growth and sustainable heights it always wanted to have. It helps you record your website in real-time and comes with 24/5 customer services to help you with any query you encounter while choosing the software. They have highly qualified niche-specific executives to make the entire experience a cakewalk.

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