What Are The Laws Concerning Auto Accidents In Houston? 

 September 13, 2022

R rear-ended collisions are among the most frequent forms of auto collisions on the roads in Texas. The premise behind accidents frequently referred to as “fender-benders” is that they are not significant and that the only thing they have accomplished is to clog up traffic.


Unfortunately, nothing is more false than that. The wounds can be severe even when a careless driver crashes with the car ahead of them at slower speeds.

Whiplash, head trauma, neck, and spinal injuries, which may necessitate extensive or lifelong treatment, can result in high medical costs, lost productivity, and possibly temporary or permanent impairments. Contacting a car accident lawyer Houston is always a good idea if you are or might get in trouble.


Who will cover these costs, then, is the more important question? When the incident was not your fault, how will you recover?


In Texas, there is a presumption that the driver who hit you was at blame for the collision if you were rear-ended by a car. That is not always the case, in actuality.


We must be able to demonstrate several things. They consist of:


  • that the vehicle’s operator engaged in careless behavior
  • their carelessness was what led to the incident
  • That you were hurt in the collision
  • that the injuries resulted in losses, such as medical costs, lost earnings, and damage to property


Texas ranks among the top 20 most crowded cities in the nation and has unsafe roads. People suffer severe injuries as a result of negligence added to variable traffic patterns.


The most regular reasons for an auto accident in Houston:

On the streets of Houston, carelessness has no boundaries. Accidents involving injuries can occur suddenly when drivers, even briefly, divert their focus from the road.


In Houston, a few of the most typical reasons for car accidents include:


  • driving while distracted
  • driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • ignoring traffic signals, signs, and other requirements of the route
  • the wrong way to turn and change lanes
  • negligent driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Unsafe driving


Careless drivers do not just cause car accidents. Defective tires, mechanical issues, defective brakes, faulty airbags, and failure to recall defective auto parts of any type are product liability flaws that can result in crashes. Remember, defective auto parts are examples of product liability flaws that can result in crashes beyond anyone’s control.


Ensure to speak to an attorney who can assist you in seeking compensation.


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