What is a knowledge management system? 

 April 28, 2022

Companies often employ a knowledge management system to organize information, frequently asked questions, and other material into conveniently accessible forms for internal and external customers. Knowledge management systems may aid in the updating of material, assisting customers in seeking answers on their own, and managing knowledge access & permissions among user groups. It’s a useful tool for both tiny companies that are just getting started and large corporations that need to reach out to a broad range of people. Continue to read and we will share some more details with you on what knowledge management systems are all about.

What exactly is a knowledge management system?

The act of finding, obtaining, storing, assessing, and distributing all the useful information that businesses produce in their day-to-day activities is known as knowledge management. It entails recording solutions to commonly (and not-so-often) requested questions in an easy-to-understand format, such as step-by-step written articles, videos, or graphics.

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We wouldn’t get in our automobiles very frequently if we had to re – invent the wheel each time we needed to go across town. So, why then do we believe the need to recreate knowledge every time our organizations face the same problems? Isn’t it much more convenient to have a response ready to go?

Effective knowledge management ensures that both customer service workers and consumers have quick access to correct solutions to frequent inquiries. With responses from colleagues who’ve been there before, your team may act consistently and confidently. Every time a consumer asks a question, there’s no need to recreate the wheel.

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What kinds of knowledge should be included in knowledge management?

You can think about using a knowledge management system to store three different types of knowledge. They include:

  • Explicit knowledge

This is information that must be recorded and is typically simple to make into a piece of writing. It’s an explanation of how to do something, or a collection of actions to do so. Clothing dimensions and fabric details, for example, or where to alter your login details on a software program are examples. Collect explicit information from your subject matter specialists via fact-finding.

  • Implicit knowledge

Customers must deduce this information from explicit knowledge. It requires consumers’ interpretation of pre-existing bits of explicit information (as stated above) or generic knowledge in order to achieve desired results. For example, figuring out how to integrate software features to meet a commercial purpose or determining whether a certain content is waterproof. Document your clients’ use cases to gather implicit knowledge, and then explain how to integrate additional information to accomplish them.

  • Tacit knowledge

This is experience-based knowledge that often takes a lot of context or effort to master. It might be anything as simple as knowing what to do in an emergency or the fact that a certain shoe brand does not provide enough arch support. Because tacit knowledge is typically distinctive and needs individual assessment, it is difficult to get. Begin by bringing together experts or senior leaders of your organization to spread complicated concepts, which you can then utilize to create broader training material.

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When it relates to your organization’s documentation, a knowledge management system may help you keep organized and current. A knowledge portal can help you successfully deliver information to the individuals who need it, whether you’re a SaaS firm servicing corporate clients, a consumer product mailing out retail products, or a helpdesk manager working with internal customers.

Final words

Now you know what a knowledge management system is all about. If you feel that it is important, you may think about going ahead and getting a one.

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