What Is GPR Tech and What are the Benefits of a GPR Survey? 

 April 11, 2022

For better words, the Ground Penetrating Radar is a rather simple non-invasive form of technology that allows its users to scan beneath the surface as well as walls to figure out what’s hidden behind them. While it’s easy for these surveys to be used for several purposes, they’re extremely valuable if you need to determine the route of a flue. 

The company better known as Turner Baker has a series of specialist equipment and related software that enables them to easily perform surveys behind walls. When this is done, they can then easily figure out the direction that the flue runs in. While some flues run behind fireplaces, others can easily run within the spaces of the walls and you can even see voids. 

From a technical perspective, the GPR surveying method relies on pulse electromagnetic imagining. This is accomplished with the use of radiation that generates an image on the surface. However, it is a non-destructive and non-intrusive method. Hence, it is exceptionally useful for conducting surveys on the inside of a property. 

GPR surveys can also locate several non-metallic and metallic materials. These include but are not limited to the following:

 * Metal 

 * Concrete

 * Voids 

 * Plastic 

In the instance where older properties are being renovated, the GPR comes in handy. All disused flues within a floor or a room are found and might be affected when the upper floors or walls are removed. In essence, GPR surveys even the most hidden secrets while guiding the rest of the project. 

All of these things and more can be easily achieved without compromising the integrity or decorative aspects of buildings. The unit itself is a neat handheld device that functions when it is pressed up against surfaces. During this point, it takes readings which can then be interpreted using a series of specialist software. 

The following are some of the main benefits that come from using the GPR survey:

 * Safe for public spaces since it is non-invasive and non-destructive

 * Detects metallic objects, non-metallic objects, and voids

 * Surveys can be done on just one side of the floor or wall

 * Both dimensions and depth can be estimated with the data that is collected

 * Data is collected very quickly in large areas

Why Is A GPR Survey Useful?

GPR’s have proven themselves worthy time and time again during renovation projects. This holds for properties that have different flats. Since walls can easily incorporate a ton of flues from one floor to the other, you may need to redesign the space without affecting the people above or below you. 

It should be noted that flues that are out of service are reused for pipework and even cabling. GPR surveys can easily accommodate this by known where they’re run. If ever walls need to be knocked down or drilled, GPR surveys will be beneficial to determine what’s behind them.

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