What is the secret ingredient in websites for dentists? 

 April 29, 2022

Are you stressed by the fact that your dental website is not performing as you expected it to work? Not getting as many appointments as your competitors?

Well, it might not be about you. It could be about your website.

Your website’s design might be doing more harm to your website than good. To find it out, you need to analyze the bounce rate of your website. If it is too high, you need to make major changes to your website design. Also, if you are in australia looking for best dentist in victoria than dazzling smiles lara in victoria .

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From social media integrations to color choices of your brand, you need to consider everything to create websites for dentists that leave an impact.

Looking for some help on what changes to make to your dental website? You have landed in the right place. Here are the best 7 practices along with a secret ingredient to having more customers at your dental clinic.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

7 practices to leave a good impression in case of websites for dentists

●       Your website needs to be thorough

A person will visit a dental website to find the information they are looking for and not juggle through pages. The visitor may be your existing patient but most properly he or she is someone who has never set foot in your office.

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Therefore, you must put all the important questions that people generally ask – even though the information is clearly mentioned on Google.

For instance, you can add information such as

–         Your location, hours, and contact information

–         Your experience and qualifications

–         Your services

–         And, other such chunks of information

Remember, if a person does not find the information he is looking for, it is a major turn-off. Don’t miss out on anything!

●       Enhanced patient engagement tools

Try to ensure that your patients can easily interact with your office, whether they are home or on the go. You can include features such as a patient portal so that patients can easily schedule their next appointment, keep all their health records in one place, and also process online payments.

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All the call-to-actions such as Call Now, Schedule an Appointment, leave a Review, should be clearly visible.

●       Embed your brand everywhere

Being a dentist, there is a common myth that branding belongs to only tech companies and retailers. Let us debunk it. Your patients see your brand whenever they interact with you.

Your brand speaks your story and therefore, should be conveyed in a clear manner. Here are certain things you need to consider:

–         Take care of your color palate. Consider your scheme and observe what your colors are ‘saying’.

–         Be watchful of the words and messaging and try not to sound like every other dental office. Be unique!

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–         Do go for small fonts and avoid poor contrast against the background colors.


●       Quality images

Did you know a good percentage of marketers cite visual images as one of the most important content for their business? Therefore, your website should contain high-quality images that complement the text.

You must try to include high-quality images of your office, waiting room, exam rooms, customer photos, and many others. It will help your new patients picture themselves receiving treatments from you at your amazing dental office. Quality images are, undoubtedly, a good element in websites for dentists.

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●       Treatment content and animations

Are your current ‘flagship’ treatment pages making you look like a go-to practice for a specific type of dental treatment? Is the content available on your pages answering your patient’s queries without getting into too many technicalities?

The better you lay out the information on your pages, the higher chance a patient will come to your office to get treatment. You can include videos about how you carry out a particular treatment.

Without any doubt, a video is the most engaging and attention-grabbing form of content that you can share on your website. Does your website have videos?

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●       Integrate your social media handles

Your website is incomplete without you integrating your social media handles such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. If you still haven’t created social media accounts, you are missing out on so many patients already. And if you have integrated your social handles to your website, another major bunch of patients is lost.

●       Include a blog

You cannot answer all your patients’ questions in one or two lines. Certain things demand in-depth explanation so that you convince your patients in a better way.

Therefore, you need to have a blog on your website for dentists. It will act as a section on your website to share informative content without disturbing the look and layout of your website.

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The more content you post on your website, the more users will come to your website through the search engines, which, in turn, will increase your customer base. Is blog present on your marketing strategy?

The Secret Ingredient – Reviews

Testimonials are one of the best ways to attract more paying customers to your dental practices. Most dentists feel that their highest source of income is referral.

You can get similar results by putting feedback on your existing patients to get more and more customers. They will help you set apart compared to your competitors, and is one of the best ways to earn the trust of your patients.

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Let us give you a pro tip. Try adding testimonials throughout your websites such as the home page and every service page. You can get better conversions by putting them on each page. If you are unable to do it by yourself, you can consider contacting a web agency in North Carolina.

Wrapping up

We hope that article helped you understand what should you alter in your dental website to get more traffic and patients at your dental clinic.

Ensure that your menu is easy to navigate while giving your website a professional look.

By the way, did you have the secret ingredient included in your website as of now? If not, try doing it as soon as possible. A web agency in North Carolina can help you in your mission.

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