Where to Find the Best Paper Plate Manufacturer? 

 April 9, 2022

Using Paper plates is an excellent way to cut down on the mess during a social event like a birthday or family reunion. They also provide a quick alternative for in-home use when you do not have access to common cleaning instruments.

The paper tableware market in the US reached a value of $20.7 billion in 2018. To reduce the potential waste of such strong market demand, it makes sense for consumers to seek out paper plate manufacturers that have recyclable plates, degradable materials, and eco-friendly practices.

Thus, to make it easier for you to find the paper plate manufacturer, we will help you clarify some common questions that paper plates face on the market and some suggestions for finding the best paper plate manufacturer.

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Common Paper Plate Problems in the Marketplace

There are some common issues of an unqualified made product by a paper plate manufacturer:

  1. Bad Oil & Heat Resistance

Paper plates and cups are used frequently in different scenarios where many different foods are served, including food trucks and event catering with hot oils and food fresh from the grill. And users are afraid to get plates and cups that can not resist oil and heat. Therefore, it is important to choose the oil and heat resistance for the food industry using.

  1. Leaking Issues

Consumers get upset when foods with sauces leak through paper plates. While enjoying the perfectly prepared chicken breast on a paper plate, the last thing you want is a spill across your shirt due to a leaky paper plate.

  1. Easily Damaged

Quality paper plate manufacturers understand that consumers want a durable and stable plate for their meals. Otherwise, food is likely to end up on the ground or table instead of being enjoyed.

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7E5DE518 B45D 47E5 8EAB 15B90644F3B4 300x201 - Where to Find the Best Paper Plate Manufacturer?

What to Focus on When Looking for Suppliers?

Many paper plate manufacturers are on the market hoping to get a larger share of consumer demand. That does not mean every one of them is the same or follows a similar quality control process. To ensure you are getting the total value of your investment, you should seek out wholesale paper plates from suppliers that pay attention to:

  • Production Material
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Be sure to visit the website of a possible supplier to learn more about the materials and ingredients used in the paper plate production cycle. For example, you can check the customers’ reviews or the detailed information listed on the official website to know what materials the paper plate manufacturer use.

  • Production Technology

The latest machinery and technology ensure a product that meets a variety of needs from our customers and accommodate global environmental friendly trend. Check if the supplier mentions the type of machinery or facility they are utilizing.

  • Certifications of the Supplier

The certification recognizes the company’s overall strength and the quality of its products, and they certainly ensure that you are getting a valuable product to a great extent. Keep an eye out for state, regional, national, and international certifications that verify a paper plate manufacturer’s methods, ingredients, and product quality.

  • Services

You can learn a lot about a paper plate manufacturer from the various services. For instance, you can learn from the evaluation and comments on the website to check how many services it provides. Besides, you can contact the paper plate manufacturer’s sales to experience their services.

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4BAE113A 0EFA 481B 9A61 DCCE3B13E370 300x200 - Where to Find the Best Paper Plate Manufacturer?

Rosen Packaging’s Advantage as a Paper Plate Manufacturer

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The next time when you are in the market for a quality paper plate manufacturer with a reputation for outstanding customer service, consider the experienced supplier Rosen Packaging. It has spent more than 20 years in the food packaging and wholesale industries, perfecting the production process from laminating and printing to die-cutting and molding.

Rosen Packaging’s current line of paper plate products includes environmentally friendly options with several colors of flexible printing to your custom requirements. That means you can keep your brand identity on recyclable plates that support local eco-friendly practices and ideals.

With Rosen Packaging, you gain an industry leader with numerous certifications in and out of the recycling arena. Reach out to their expert sales team today and experience the Rosen difference.

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