Why eSignatures are the Future of Business 

 March 13, 2021

These days, electronic signatures (eSignatures) are becoming more and more common. You might use an eSignature when you’re signing up for an online service or making an online purchase. ESignatures are so commonplace that you might not even think twice about using one.


But what you may not realize is that eSignatures are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Here’s a look at why eSignatures are the future of business.


Ease to use


The biggest advantage of eSignatures is convenience. With an eSignature, there’s no need to print out documents, sign them, scan them, and email them back. You can simply open the document on your computer, add your signature, and send it back—all in a matter of seconds. This saves a ton of time and hassle, which is why so many businesses are making the switch to eSignatures.

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Another big advantage of esignature is security. When you sign a document electronically, that signature is legally binding. Furthermore, electronic signatures are nearly impossible to forge, so you can be confident that the person who signed the document is who they say they are. This added layer of security is crucial for businesses that deal with sensitive data or large sums of money.


Cost Savings


Perhaps the best reason to start using signatures is that they can save your business money. Printing, scanning, and faxing documents costs money—not to mention the time and effort required to do all of those things. With eSignatures, you can eliminate those costs and get your documents signed faster than ever before.

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eSignatures Saves Time


One of the most important commodities in business is time. With eSignatures, there is no need to wait for documents to be physically mailed back and forth; you can simply send them electronically and have them signed almost instantly. This saved time can then be used for other more pressing tasks.


eSignatures are More Secure than Traditional Signatures


When you think about it, your traditional signature is not all that secure. All someone needs is a copy of your driver’s license or passport, and they can forge your signature relatively easily. With an eSignature, however, each signature is unique and encrypted, making it much more difficult to forge.

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eSignatures Save Money


In addition to saving time, businesses can also save money by using eSignatures. With traditional signatures, businesses must print documents, use postage to send them back and forth, and then store the signed documents in a physical filing system. eSignatures eliminate the need for many of these costs, resulting in significant savings over time.


eSignatures are Good for the Environment


Last but not least, eSignatures are also good for the environment. By eliminating the need to print documents, you can save paper and help reduce your business’s carbon footprint.




There’s no question about it—eSignatures are the future of business. Thanks to their convenience, security, and cost savings, more and more businesses are making the switch to electronic signatures every day. If your business isn’t using eSignatures yet, now is the time to start!

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