Why Should Businesses Migrate E-business Suite to the Oracle Cloud? 

 April 10, 2022

Nowadays, considering the market trend, migrating oracle EBS to Cloud (in any of its forms) probably makes sense. In this article, we will include 5 reasons why businesses should migrate the e-business suite to the Oracle Cloud.

Cost Reduction by reducing your reliance on data center infrastructure.

It’s no brainer that hardware is expensive to buy, configure and maintain. Modern Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides predictable savings with the help of simple, competitive and flexible pricing that businesses need to pay for months to months as an operating expense rather than up-front capital expenses. In addition, OCI also offers automated patching and constant security enhancements, which helps free businesses’ infrastructure resources from the expensive task of maintaining their data center.

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Enhanced Security

Businesses also migrate Oracle EBS to Cloud due to its modern security approach based on seven core pillars to provide a high level of isolation, data protection, control, and visibility that they need for their cloud infrastructure. In addition, by leveraging Oracle Cloud’s advanced security features, businesses can easily isolate their compute and network resources, preventing hackers from getting inside the Cloud to steal or manipulate any of their valuable E-Business Suite data.

Improved Performance

For Enterprises, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides consistent, predictable performance, as well as fastest cloud storage and services at a reduced cost than on-premises solutions and other cloud vendors, allowing them to really maximize their E-Business Suite investments. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers several benefits one would expect out of very expensive, dedicated and highly tuned on-premises servers and storage, which includes availability, performance, governance and versatility. Also, by migrating oracle EBS to Cloud, businesses can enjoy peak support and consistent performance for mission-critical applications like EBS.

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IT Efficiency

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers everything businesses need to migrate and run Oracle applications quickly and easily, as well as to transfer traditional data center applications to the Cloud with little to no architectural change. After a business migrate Oracle EBS to Cloud, they need not to worry about costly data center maintenance which allows their core IT team to focus on innovation rather than upkeep.

In addition, thanks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, IT developers can considerably reduce the time it takes to develop and test a new IT environment. Moreover, since core functions like backups, failover, patching and security are entirely automated in the Cloud, staff have more time to work on higher-value tasks. Instead of managing their hardware, the IT team can use Cloud and data analytics to help maximize their business’ efficiency.

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Oracle works best with Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers several unique features and tools that allows seamless migration and running Oracle’s databases and business application portfolio with superior reliability and scalability. For migrating oracle EBS to Cloud, minimal changes are required that helps reduce the cost and length of migration to the cloud. In addition, OCI provides access to modern technologies like RAC, MMC, Autonomous DB and Exadata, enabling businesses to take advantage of the latest hardware and technologies, superior application performance and improved databases.

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