YOWhatsApp- The Best Alternative Of WhatsApp 

 April 28, 2022

WhatsApp needs no introduction to anyone. It is a necessary application that has made it to the list of things we need. WhatsApp is a messaging application which has other features like video calling, voice calling and voice messages. With the new and upcoming updates, we get a bunch of new features which improves the application. From Dark Mode to deleting recent messages, WhatsApp has been pulling out new and helpful features to stay on top of the race. With all good features, WhatsApp has some restrictions also.

To all problems, there is a solution. yowhatsapp app. It is one of the best alternatives available to users who do not want to agree with privacy policies of WhatsApp. This alternative provides with a number of other features which are very helpful. This version comes with all original features of WhatsApp and has other additional ones.

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To make this alternative a little more familiar to you, we have brought a list of features that you can look into before making a decision to use this app. There are hundreds of hidden features but the most popularly used have been listed above. These features are also the most helpful ones and the ones most needed to a user.

  1. Themes

We all feel the need to change our wallpapers from time to time. We need change in life to stop it from being so monotonous and boring. So, to help us with that, YOWhatsApp has an option where you can choose a theme from multiple options. We can all get over the boring and usual themes of WhatsApp and choose one from the many options that we like.

  1. Calls
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WhatsApp gives you an option of video as well as voice calls and that too with multiple people in groups. In addition to that, YoWhatsApp helps you block people or individuals from calling you. This does not restrict the feature of chatting with the same person. So you can block an individual from calling yet you can chat with the person normally.

  1. Privacy Settings

We already know that WhatsApp allows you to hide your online statuses selectively and also edit the read receipts. YOWhatsApp allows you to disable double, blue and single ticks. It allows you to continue seeing last seen of other contacts even when you have hidden your read receipts. Another important feature is Freezing of Last Seen. You can decide a specific time and fix your last seen to that particular time. This is a perfect escape route of skipping unnecessary things and also delaying things for a while.

  1. Security
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YOWhatsApp helps you create a separate App Lock for it. The only solution of such a requirement is downloading another application which lets you do so. But here at YOWhatsApp, you do not have to download another application and save up on the memory. It comes with a preloaded lock feature which you can set especially for this application. It is an easy way out of securing your privacy as we all know our chats hold information too personal to us.

  1. Emojis

Last but not the least; it gives you a whole list of emojis you can use that are not available on the normal WhatsApp. We fail to express ourselves in words sometimes and emojis are our way out. A good set of these are another necessary possession!

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We hope this has been an answer to your questions and a solution to your problems. Undoubtedly, YOWhatsApp is a better and more equipped version of WhatsApp which fits all our needs perfectly!

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